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It was an inspiring morning as the College welcomed back three ex-students to
share their career journeys at the annual Beyond Bennies Assembly. Each had
a story to tell about how Mount St Benedict College influenced their career.
Former College Captain, Julia Calixto (Class of 2005), Melanie Drayton (nee
Simpson, Class of 1993) and Catherine Holliday (Class of 1994) entertained the
MSB community with their stories, experiences and guidance from their varied
careers. With a common passion for human rights and caring for others, each
of the speakers are modelling Benedictine values to this very day.
Melanie Drayton shared stories about her start in the legal field, working in
the not-for-profit sector in roles relating to imprisoned parents and juvenile
justice. She found her time working at The Yasmar Juvenile Detention
Centre particularly challenging but she found that the values instilled in her,
particularly from her time at Bennies, helped her care for those through the
legal system who had little or no support.
A nursing career led Catherine Holliday to some valuable overseas opportunities
including ten years working in Switzerland with the United Nations (UN),
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, UNICEF and the Global
Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. Catherine’s work at the UN was made
possible due to her German language studies at MSB! Catherine’s great passion
for research blossomed with her “enquiring mind” wanting to know more
about her patient’s care with cancer. Four years ago she took a leap of faith and
established a charity, The Centre for Community Driven Research, ensuring that
feedback from patients is valued and heard in health research and development.
Julia Calixto, currently a journalist at SBS advised that “you need to keep your
eyes open for opportunities, be prepared to do anything for your dream job
in media”. She wasn’t discouraged by her first knock back, as persistence,
patience and flexibility opened doors to her ideal role. With practical tips for
girls keen for a start in the media industry, Julia recommended they “start
now, write a blog, write stories, do photography and this way you will know if
this is something you know you want to do.”
Each speaker drove home the message to be conscientious, listen, engage
and interact with others. They also emphasised that the HSC is not the end of
the road, to do your best and that there are always other avenues to getting to
your end goal.
Beyond Bennies
MSB Welcomes Back Inspiring Past Students
Congratulations to:
Marion Zammit and her husband
welcomed a baby boy, Sebastian James
Bodilly, born on 26 November 2015,
weighing in at 4.2kg, 54 cm long! Mum,
Dad and bub doing well.
Amy Scott – Bell and her husband
welcomed into the world Lily Ann
Olsen, born 22 August 2016 weighing
7.4 pounds, 50 cm long. Amy adores
her little girl and Lily is just beautiful!
Staff News
Left to right: Molly Dover (2016 Communications Captain), Julia Calixto (Class of 2005),
Melanie Drayton (Class of 1993), Catherine Holliday (Class of 1994), Jessica Micallef
(MSBESA President) and Kate Smith (2016 Communications Captain).
Stewart Duncan and his wife Emma
welcomed their second child, daughter
Morgan on 21 September 2015
weighing 3.4kgs.
Summer 2016
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