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Teachers new to the profession and MSB community, as
well as experienced staff gathered in important learning
conversations at three lunchtime events.
The questions over the course of the lunches provided a
framework for deep sharing from experienced teachers on
their lived practice of high quality teaching and learning, and
an opportunity for new teachers to reflect on their insights
and learning within and outside the classroom.
Below is a sample of the responses which made for engaging
and thoughtful conversation.
Why did you become a teacher? Was there a catalyst or an
experience(s) that brought this decision into sharper focus
for you?
“…I knew I wanted to be around people. I love children, that’s
why I started teaching.”
“I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was 8 years old. I had
a great aunt who was also a teacher and I used to holiday at
her place from time to time. I admired this woman a lot.”
“… I started out doing a sports science degree and I realised
I needed less chemistry and more interaction with people so
I studied teaching and haven’t looked back since and enjoy
every minute of it.”
Challenges in learning
“We need to show we are not perfect and we need to model it”
“It is one of the things we talk about in design in STEM…
we talk about there always has to be a problem. We are
looking for design thinking, what works, what doesn’t. In
a sense we are not looking for specific answers but the
ability to solve problems.”
Advice for those thinking of entering the profession
“Do it because you love it!”
“…have a passion and a general interest in young people…
because at the end of the day you are working with them and
having an impact on who they are going to become.”
“Go for it, as it is a wonderful rewarding career with huge
opportunities for growth and development.”
These occasions were well received by teachers who attended,
as is evidenced by comments such as: “It was such a great
chance to sit, talk, learn and wonder about the possibilities.”
Lunchtime Learning for
Teaching Staff
In honour of the College’s Jubilee year, teaching staff at Mount St Benedict College
engaged in a series of meaningful conversations around learning.
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