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With a modern design aesthetic, students
will have access to high quality learning
and performing spaces with industry
standard technology.
The environmentally sustainable building
design allows for ample natural light, with
large banks of windows and an outdoor
courtyard facing out onto the College’s blue
gum forest. Students will have stunning
nature views as they access the building
roof to paint in the outdoors.
“This development promises to be an
exciting and long-awaited addition to
College facilities, engaging our students
in developing the skills they need to make
their way into the future,” said College
Principal, Maria Pearson.
“Over the past two years, members of the
College Board, the Finance Committee
and the Building Committee have been
working with our builders Paynter Dixon in
developing plans for the Hildegard Centre
for Creative and Performing Arts and I
thank them for their efforts.”
The College community has chosen
to name this new facility after the
Benedictine Abbess Hildegard of Bingen
(1098-1179) who lived in the region of
Bavaria. She was an extraordinarily
creative, visionary and passionate woman
of faith who is now recognised as one
of the giants of Christian history. She is
recognised for her spiritual visions, her
poetry, her art (illuminations), her hymns
and meditations, alongside her significant
scientific prowess and political activism.
Her capacity to integrate the fields of art,
science and religion are beyond compare
in her era and her environmental concern
shows an understanding of the fragile
ecology which was far ahead of her times.
Hildegard Centre for Creative
and Performing Arts
The next stage of the College Master Plan has been approved and building of
a state-of-the-art creative and performing arts centre is now underway and
will be opened in early 2018.
Monsignor John Boyle, together with College Principal, Maria Pearson; College Captain,
Jessica Pereira; Peter Watters, Head of Creative and Performing Arts and Matthew
Greene, Architect, Paynter Dixon took part in a ritual of turning the soil on MSB Day to
mark the beginning of the new Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts.
The Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts will feature:
• a performing arts space with
full stage production facilities
and retractable seating for
220 people
• 2 music classrooms
• 6 peripatetic rooms
• a drama studio
• a dance studio
• 3 art studios
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