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During the September / October term break a group of twenty
four students studying Japanese (Years 9-11) and three staff
departed on a languages study tour of Japan.
As well as the cultural and language immersion aspects, this
tour formed a significant part of Mount St Benedict’s (MSB)
Jubilee year and provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate
the College’s longstanding relationships in Japan.
After World War II, a small group of Good Samaritan Sisters
travelled to Japan to assist in areas which had been devastated
by the atomic bombs and there have been Sisters there ever
since. The College also has a long-standing relationship with the
Seiwa School in Sasebo, who visit MSB each year.
The MSB Japanese Study Tour were honoured to visit the Good
Samaritan Sisters in Nara, the Cherry Blossom Kindergarten, as
well as Seiwa, in addition to many of the important cultural and
historical sites of Japan.
Two of the students reflected on their time in Japan:
The 2016 Japanese Study Tour was a fantastic experience for
all of the students and teachers who attended. Throughout the
jam-packed two weeks of travelling, we had the opportunity to
visit multiple sacred sites and tourist attractions, such as the
Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the Deer Park in Nara, spend time
with the Sisters at the Good Samaritan Convent, as well as
the children at the Kinder School in Sasebo. We experienced
Japanese culture first-hand through our homestay with our host
sisters from Seiwa Girls High School.
The homestays allowed all girls to not only practice Japanese
with their host families, but to also make friendships with girls
that will last a lifetime. At the homestay, girls were taken to
classic sights in Sasebo including the aquarium, a German-
theme park: Huis Ten Bosche, a ferry ride, and even a visit into
the neighbouring city of Nagasaki.
To top the trip off, the girls spent an entire day at Tokyo Disneyland.
The last day, everyone got a chance to do some last minute
shopping along Harajuku, and visited the Tokyo Edo Museum where
it was an eye-opening experience to see what Japan used to be like.
Overall, the trip was an absolute blast and the memories made
throughout the trip will always be remembered.
Sara-Jane Arns and Hannah Chadwick (Year 11)
Bringing Language Studies to Life
MSB Japanese Study Tour
1. Calligraphy
at Seiwa
2. Cherry Blossom
Kindergaten visit
in Sasebo
3. Kinkakuji
(Golden Pavilion)
4. Japanese Tea
Ceremony at Seiwa
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