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We were able to see the Jubilee doors of St Peter’s in Vatican City.
The symbol of the door is a strong one in the Church celebration
of Jubilee - the door provides a threshold, a place of transition
from one place to the next, a way of moving in to new arenas.
Maria Pearson, College Principal
Off to the Papal mass without tickets. Armed with a letter
from the Bishop, an email for the Australian Ambassador
and his advice not to take no for an answer, I walked to the
Bronze Door of the Vatican. I approached the Swiss Guard
and confidently asked for our tickets, only to be told there
were no tickets for MSB. After some pleading and presenting
my correspondence, a policeman escorted me to the barrier
to collect our group and allow us entrance to St Peter’s!
Guy Fitzsimmons, College Business Manager and Tour Leader
During our travels to Monte Cassino, we visited Benedict’s
cell where he wrote ‘The Rule of Benedict’ and where he died.
We learnt about the history of Monte Cassino and how it had
been destroyed three times and rebuilt and miraculously,
the remains of Benedict and his sister Scholastica were
unharmed throughout the wars. Once we arrived at Subiaco,
we were greeted with an overwhelming view of the stunning
countryside and surrounding mountains. This section of
the trip was very significant as we were able to go into the
monastery and reflect on Benedict’s life.
Abbey and Ashleigh (Year 11)
Barcelona, Spain
Montserrat has significant importance to us, as it is a
Benedictine Monastery which the school has a very close
connection with. During our visit here, we were given a
tour of the monastery and the school which is an all-boys
choir school run by Fr Sergi, a Benedictine Monk who is the
principal of the school….Montserrat is one of our eight school
Houses and we all agree that Montserrat has been one of the
highlights of our trip so far.
Rachelle (Year 9)
Bath, England
We travelled out into the countryside to visit the Abbey of
Downside, the monastery of Bede Polding the founder of the
Sisters of the Good Samaritan. Their archives had prepared
for us a small exhibition of memorabilia connected with Bede
Polding and the Sisters.
We were also honoured to visit the sisters of Stanbrook
Abbey where the vibe of sustainability within the Rule is lived
to the full. The Sisters’ new abbey has won multiple awards
for its design.
Tim Tams were given as gifts to all our hosts along the way –
we were very popular!
Guy Fitzsimmons, College Business Manager and
Tour Leader
Summer 2016
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