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2016 College Vice-Captain, Jessica
Corcoran achieved a childhood goal this
year while managing her HSC studies.
She shares her achievement and an
important message about balance.
Getting involved with representative
sport has been one of many highlights
over my time at Bennies. Not only do
you get to know girls in other grades
who share similar sporting passions, but
representative sport also allows you to
set and achieve goals.
Ever since I was eight it has always
been a dream of mine to represent CCC
at State level for cross country and
since I am in Year 12 and this year was
my last chance, I wasn’t going to let my
school work stop me from achieving
this goal.
It is so important to maintain a healthy
balance between study and co-curricular
activities, high school becomes so much
more enjoyable when you have a passion
to pursue in your life separate from study.
For me that is sport and to finally see my
dream turn into a reality this year, made
me realise just how important it is to
never give up and to just keep trying and
getting involved.
This year I conducted a study for
Community and Family Studies on
whether physical activity improves the
mental health of students, and results
have proved that girls who are involved in
sport tend to perform better academically
as sport reduces stress.
Bennies has so many wonderful
sporting opportunities and I encourage
everyone to give something a go, it
doesn’t have to be competitive, it is just
great to have fun with your friends and
clear your mind.
Current Student News
Four young women transforming the future
Healthy balance between study and play
Congratulations to Jessica Pereira
(2016 College Captain), runner up in
the 25th Zonta Young Women in Public
Affairs Award. Jessica was nominated
for her leadership in the College and
involvement in community projects
and was one of fourteen finalists who
attended the awards dinner in June.
Jessica presented a speech on the
evening addressing advancing the
status of women, an excerpt of her
speech is below:
The status of women in a national and
global context, is one which is lagging
when compared to our male counterparts.
However, this is not due to a lack of ability
or ambition; but rather by a society which
accepts inequality as a traditional norm.
Appalling 2015 ABS statistics show that
the full time gender pay gap is 17.3%,
that on average one woman is killed every
week from a domestic violence incident,
and that one in two mothers have
experienced workplace discrimination
– just a few examples of how the status
of women is compromised in a variety of
social settings.
I believe it is extremely important to
develop the confidence and esteem of
all females; particularly those in the
community who need support the most.
My work with Josephite Community Aid
supports this notion through the tutoring of
newly established refugees; teaching young
children, predominantly girls, practical
skills such as reading and writing. Through
mentorship, it is evident that these women
can be empowered and self-sufficient, thus
advancing the status of women through
personal development. Additionally, as
a leader of my College community; I aim
to advocate for the rights and potential of
women, through my service and the slogan
“Make the woman, Make the world”. This
phrase embodies the idea that by nurturing
the strengths of individuals, women can
follow their passions and transform
future of our society with confidence and
assertiveness; thus advancing the status of
women as a whole.
2016 College Captain, Jessica Pereira, runner up
in Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award
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