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College Captain, Annabel Anderson; Vice-Captain Portfolios,
Olivia Kobal and Vice-Captain Spirit, Diana Kazakov are
looking forward to kick-starting the College’s next chapter in
history after a successful Jubilee year in 2016.
To set the tone moving into their final year, the 2017 student
leaders gathered for a two day Captain’s Retreat, working
together to look at the big picture and reflecting on the place
of Benedictine values as the basis of authentic leadership.
The Retreat culminated in finalising their theme for the
College to work towards in 2017 – ‘One small step for me, one
giant leap for MSB’.
“The main message of our theme is the idea of unity. When
we take individual action we can make change, however when
the whole school community steps forward together into
the years beyond Jubilee, we are able to make history”, said
College Captain, Annabel.
All three College leaders admired the collaboration and
creativity of the 2016 Leadership Team, in particular the
way that they encouraged the community to reflect on and
celebrate the College’s diverse history.
In their year of leadership, The Class of 2017 aim to
strengthen the sense of community at Bennies and
encourage their fellow students to develop friendships
across year groups and have greater involvement in co-
curricular activities.
2017 College Captains
embarking on the next 50 years
From left: Diana Kazakov,
Annabel Anderson and Olivia Kobal
2016 and 2017 College Leaders pictured with
College Principal, Maria Pearson
Summer 2016
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