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Three thousand high school students
representing thirteen countries
competed at the International Future
Problem Solving Competition held at
Michigan State University in the USA.
In what is fast becoming a College
tradition, the girls achieved a third and
fourth world title, made all the more
special in the College’s Jubilee year.
Arabella Young carried the Australian
flag at the opening ceremony, an
honour bestowed on MSB. Her
futuristic scenario performance on
futures energy ranked first in the
senior division.
The Year 10 Community Problem
Solving team (Natalya Denaro,
Annabel Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, Jessica
Kotzander, Alex Maher, Emily James,
Anna Macoustra, Nicole Sandow,
Eshaa Sood and Coach Mrs Gail Davey)
with their project
hot favourites having won the national
competition in 2015. The girls were
announced as World Champions of
middle division, health concerns and
human services.
members Emily and Anna
reflected on their team’s achievements,
“Our project started in 2015 and
developed to have a focus on educating
and empowering the school community
to independently manage healthy
levels of stress. We ran activities for
our school-wide Mental Health Week,
with yoga, mindfulness colouring and
stress ball making. We visited Samuel
Gilbert Primary School in Castle Hill to
focus on the myths surrounding stress
in high school and ways to prepare for
transitioning from primary to secondary.
We distributed our own resources
including infographic posters, wallet
cards, brochures, bookmarks, our own
website and our social media accounts
including Instagram and Spotify.
“Our study tips and two week planner is
now a part of the College Assessment
Notification. These were also added
to the Bennies App for students to
personalise. On Open Day, we presented
to current students and visitors to
promote resources and coping strategies.
Our outreach into the wider community
became a major part of the project, as
we created displays for Hornsby and
Pennant Hills Community Libraries.”
afternoon was held to
enjoy games, pizza and Pixar’s ‘Inside
Out’ as a relaxing end to the school
week. Leading up to Internationals we
were invited to discuss our project on a
local radio programme ‘Stay in the Loop
with Lucy.’ We will also be the focus of
another article to be published in the
young adult magazine ‘
Spine Out
Many thanks go to Mrs Gail Davey
and Mrs Elizabeth Dirckze for their
outstanding coaching and to Dr Miriam
Gillet for also accompanying the
students on the international tour.
Fifty students and their dedicated
coaches are currently preparing for the
national competition that will be held in
Victoria in late 2016.
The College is thrilled to announce that their Year 10 Community Problem Solvers
and Senior Scenario Performer are World Champions!
MSB are Future Problem Solving World Champions
Future Problem Solving
(FPS) is
a program designed for gifted and
talented students to encourage creative
higher order thinking, reasoning and
problem solving. The FPS program was
established at MSB in 2006 and has
grown steadily each year. Since then the
College has successfully achieved in the
top 10%, to be invited to participate at
each national competition and has now
secured four world championship titles.
The girls proudly display their first place
trophies at Michigan State University
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