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2016 Young Australians of the Year,
Nicholas Marchesi and Lucas Patchett
from Orange Sky Laundry inspired
attendees at the College’s Social
Justice Forum in June.
The College held its 17th annual Social
Justice Forum as part of their ‘One
World Week’ celebrations as a joint
initiative between the Social Justice
and Environment student portfolios.
The theme: ‘One to Make a Difference,
Together Make a Change’ was aimed
at raising awareness and educating
MSB students, staff and the wider
community about the many social
justice issues our world is facing
and encouraging collective action in
addressing them.
This social justice event attracted 500
students from over 20 schools across
NSW as well as over 20 community
organisations who shared their work
on a range of issues. These included
organisations working in disability
care, refugee and asylum seekers,
women’s shelters, fair trade and ethical
fashion, environmental sustainability,
homelessness, poverty and gender
inequality. A highlight of the evening was
the ‘Action Think Tank’ that provided an
opportunity for students from different
schools to share social justice initiatives
that are working well in their schools.
The College was blessed to have
Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett
from Orange Sky Laundry, 2016
Young Australians of the Year, as
keynote presenters for the evening.
Their stories of humble beginnings
and a desire to make a difference in
the world inspired all that were in
attendance. Although their primary
service is to offer free mobile laundry
to the homeless, they spoke of
the significance and value of the
six orange chairs they set up as a
means of connecting the homeless
with the community. Nic and Lucas
One to Make a Difference,
Together Make a Change
Young Australians of the Year inspire at MSB Social Justice Forum
Community organisations shared their work with student attendees
Young Australians of the Year Lucas
Patchett and Nic Marchesi (pictured top
right) with MSB teachers David Greenwell,
Christina He and 2016 Social Justice
Captains Brianna Taylor, Raelene Corpuz
and Environment Captain – Madison
emphasised that human connection
and relationships with one another are
important in addressing some of
world’s problems.
Staff and students left the event feeling
inspired and passionate to achieve
more equality in the world.
“There was a lot of positivity and
enthusiasm in the room and it is
exciting to know that young people have
MSB was pleased to welcome fellow Good
Samaritan schools including Stella Maris,
Manly who have worked closely together
on outreach with the Good Sam Kinder
School in the Philippines
much passion to create change
across so many areas of social justice,”
said College Chaplain, Christina He.
“Despite living in a world that seems
to be faced by constant conflict,
intolerance and uncertainty, it is
promising to know that our students
of this generation are determined to
make a difference and work together to
create a change!”
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