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The Class of 2016 made a valuable
contribution to Mission in the College’s
Jubilee Year, enriching the College as a
community of faith. This commitment
to service continued to the very end
with a parting gesture of a legacy fund
set up by the Class of 2016 to support
the further education of students of
the Good Samaritan Bacolod Kinder
School in the Philippines.
2016 College Captain, Jessica Pereira
announced the Year 12 initiative in
her Captain’s Address at the Year 12
Academic Assembly.
“This year, the graduating class has
chosen to support an initiative which
aligns with our Good Samaritan
heritage and the parable’s teaching,
“Go and Do Likewise”. One of our
partner schools, The Good Samaritan
Kinder School in Bacolod, Philippines,
runs a Scholarship Program whereby
fifty Australian dollars can fully fund
one child to complete elementary and
secondary schooling.
This small figure covers tuition
and school supplies, and will
greatly assist children in breaking
the cycle of poverty which is rife
in such developing countries. It is
with great pleasure that I announce
that the Class of 2016 has currently
contributed $2000 to the Bacolod
scholarship program equating to
approximately 40 students’ uniform
and school supplies for a year. This
sort of service is how I will remember
the Class of 2016, as girls who are
full of kindness and are always
thinking of their neighbour. “
Parents of the Class of 2016
“The air of excitement – excited to be leaving school, starting on new paths, but
also the overwhelming feeling of change.”
“Smiles for the anticipation and excitement of what was ahead for me but I do
strongly remember the tears as well. Tears of sadness as I did not want to say
goodbye to my friends – my friends that meant the world to me who shared all
my highs and lows as well as the teachers with whom we had become close
to. They had been our lifeline during the HSC years and without us knowing,
helped prepare us for the big world we were about to enter.”
“…also grateful that we have kept the friendships. They are the dearest and
longest friends I have for the last 35 years. It is a wonderful blessing to have
each other and I know you will also have your friends for life!”
Favourite Memories
of Leaving School
Legacy Project
Connect Night
House and Homeroom
Graduation Mass
Graduation Dinner
Summer 2016
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