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Mrs Maria Pearson, College Principal noted in her Graduation
Dinner Address, “As you look back over those years there
are memories of so many things shared – lessons, camps,
reflection days, sporting teams, prayer and liturgies, retreats,
social justice events and many more. In your final week we
have had the opportunity to hear some of your recollections
and it has been inspiring to hear you express your gratitude
for many of the opportunities you have enjoyed.”
Academic Assembly
Over two hundred parents and family members joined Year
12 and the College community for the Year 12 Academic
Assembly. As well as a range of academic prizes for individual
subjects, the major award winners were:
• The Mount St Benedict Award - Academic Excellence –
Isabella Croker and Nicole Zeaiter
• Best All Rounder – Jessica Pereira
• Young Christian Leader – Jessica Corcoran
• Pierre de Coubertin Sports Award – Kirsten Simpson
• All Round Excellence – Michaela Ashurst, Bethany Carr,
Isabella Croker, Gillian Diekman, Erin Frost, Samantha
Hardman, Binh An Ly, Amy Maher, Teyah Miller, Brianna
Taylor, Nicole Zeaiter
• Principal’s Award Winners – Emily Boffa, Isabella Croker,
Gillian Diekman, Sarah-Jane Eades, Kiarah Fisher,
Jessica Griffith, Caitlin Harris,
Brittany Haskins,
Sarah Hogan, Madison
Nicholson, Emma
Smith, Kate Smith,
Rachel Takchi, Brianna
Taylor, Olivia Taylor,
Natalie Thomas,
Georgina van Yzendoorn
Class of 2016
College Guard of Honour
Graduation Dinner
Jessica Pereira
Jessica Corcoran
Nicole Zeaiter and Isabella Croker
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