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Sister Mary (Hyacinth) Roche, second
Principal of Mount St Benedict College
passed away on Friday 8 July 2016 in her 90th
year of age and 69th year of Religious Life.
Sister Mary (known as Sister Hyacinth in her
years at Mount St Benedict) holds a special
place in College history as the original deputy
principal when the College first began. Her
memories of the first years of the College
have formed an important part of the
College’s first history book ‘The Early Years’
launched in 2016, its Jubilee year.
The College community was fortunate to
welcome Sister Mary to its Jubilee Eucharist
at St Mary’s Cathedral on 19 June 2016.
Many former and current students and staff
able were able to reconnect or meet with one
of our ‘pioneer’ principals for the first time.
Current College Principal, Maria Pearson accompanied by
College Captains and Vice-Captains, Jessica Pereira, Jessica
Corcoran and Ashleigh McDonald represented the College at
Sister Mary’s funeral in Brisbane. Our students joined with
students from fellow Good Samaritan Education school, Lourdes
Hill College to escort the coffin into the church and likewise to
accompany the coffin from the church at the end of the Requiem
Mass. A number of ‘Bennies’ ex-students from
those early years also travelled to Brisbane to
attend the funeral.
“It was a very moving occasion and one on
which we could give thanks for the wonderful
life of Sister Mary, who made the huge effort
to be present at our Jubilee Mass in Sydney in
June,” said College Principal, Maria Pearson.
“It was clear from the many stories told
of her that she was a strong leader with a
compassionate heart, and that she left a
lasting impression on the students she taught.
Many have spoken of her outstanding skills
as a Maths teacher and the ways in which she
inspired them into their careers.”
“Some of the sisters who lived with Sister
Mary told me of her great affection for
Mount St Benedict and how much she had concentrated her
energies and efforts on being able to attend the Jubilee Mass.
When her doctor said “Go for it” she was delighted and then
successfully travelled to and from Sydney. I told her on the
day of the Jubilee Mass, when she congratulated me on the
way the College has developed, that the College was built
on the efforts of the pioneers such as herself. We are indeed
privileged to enjoy the legacy of her fine work.”
Sister Mary pictured with
current College Principal,
Maria Pearson at the College’s
Jubilee Eucharist.
Vale Sister Mary Roche
Deputy Principal, Mount St Benedict College 1966-1973
Principal, Mount St Benedict College 1974-1979
Sister Mary Roche SGS and current Mount
St Benedict College students Kelly-Ann
D’Sylva and Sarah-Jane Eades
Summer 2016
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