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What does a typical Year 7 Bennies girl look like?
The following are some of the results from the Transition Survey that all Year 7 students took part in earlier this year.
They give some insight into the day and routines of a typical student here at Bennies.
Has valued the help of her Peer
Support Leader this year.
Believes the MSB rules are fair
and students are generally
Values the hard work done by her teachers.
Feels she has teachers she can go to that help
her with her learning.
Uses technology more at Bennies than in Primary
school and feels comfortable using her tablet.
Is aware of what to
do if she feels unsafe
using technology or
social media.
• Knows the core MSB values: Stewardship, Pax (Peace)
and Hospitality
• Sees prayer as an important part
of the school day.
• Feels a sense of the Good
Samaritan traditions and a part
of Liturgical experiences.
Is keen to be involved in the
College’s extensive Social
Justice Program.
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Bennies Buzz
November 2015
Spends less than an
hour getting to and
from school by bus
each day.
Knew how to get to the
College on the first day
of the year.
Is able to find her way
around school.
Generally knows where
to find resources in
the Information
Resource Centre (IRC).
• Believes her teachers have helped her make a good
start at MSB.
• Has teachers who treat her and her friends and
classmates with respect.
• Feels safe at Bennies and knows where to go for help.
• Her family members have accessed the College via online
services, such as the College Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.
Has found the move from Primary
School reasonably easy to adjust to.
Has had some of her family members
visit the College a few times this year.
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