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Bennies Buzz
November 2015
Social media campaign speaks up for
children in immigration detention
Watch the video on the Facebook page:
I cannot use their name,
I cannot show their face,
but I can be their voice.”
Kidz4Kidz Video
These are the opening words that feature in a new video by
student-run organisation, Kidz4Kidz Australia, as part of a
social media campaign focused on advocating for children in
immigration detention.
Students from Mount St Benedict College established the group
in 2013. The 15 Year 11 girls came together to campaign to end
children in immigration detention, not realising how far their
passion and hard work would take them.
Their powerful video features children reading out quotes
from children their own age who are currently in immigration
detention centres. The quotes used were taken from ‘The
Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration
Detention 2014 Report’.
Currently there are 127 children held in immigration
detention facilities on the Australian mainland, 88 children held
in detention in Nauru and 642 children under community
College Captain
Jessica Pereira
was part of the
Kidz4Kidz team
that helped create
the video and said
she and her peers
were confronted
by the stories
from children
in detention.
“These quotes, messages and horrific images were used as
the basis of our video,”
she said.
“We felt as though
they demonstrated exactly what we as a group wanted to
inform the public about and especially people of our age.
We were also confronted by the amount of laws the Australian
government is breaking in relation to international human
and child rights.”
Jessica and her fellow Kidz4Kidz members want to spread
awareness about children in immigration detention,
particularly to other young Australians.
“As children ourselves, we understand the opportunities
that they are lacking in and we want to voice this inequality,”
she said.
Assistant Principal, Dean of Mission, Mr Paul Lentern is
proud of the great commitment that the girls have to this
issue and has seen the many hours of planning that has
gone into bringing the campaign to life.
“Their choice of social media as a vehicle to campaign on this
issue shows that they are very well attuned to the modern
world and the opportunity to have their voices heard. The
stance they have taken as children advocating for children
provides a new and powerful voice on this issue.”
The video was launched in conjunction with World
Humanitarian Day, a global celebration of people helping
people. As part of the campaign, several other Sydney
schools showcased the video on the day including fellow
Good Samaritan schools - St Scholastica’s College, Glebe;
Rosebank College, Five Dock and Stella Maris College, Manly.
The Kidz4Kidz campaign is well on track to achieving their
ambitious goal of 100,000 views of their video on their
Facebook page. Since the launch there has been significant
coverage including stories from SBS and Fairfax as well as
significant social media retweets and shares.
Kidz4Kidz in Canberra
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