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Inspiring Career Journeys
at Beyond Bennies
The College was honoured to welcome back two ex-students
from the Class of 1985, Jane Huxley and Megan Turner (nee
Mullins) to share their career journeys at the annual Beyond
Bennies event which for the first time was held as part of a full
College Assembly.
As the Assembly also commemorated Anzac Day, it was fitting
that one of our speakers, Megan Turner (nee Mullins) had a
military background serving with the RAAF for many years in a
variety of roles and locations both in Australia and overseas.
Jane Huxley, the Managing Director of Pandora Internet Radio
and formerly the chief executive of Fairfax Digital, also spoke
on the emerging field of digital media.
Of particular note both speakers addressed the influence that
predicted job growth in the aged care, health and science fields
and the greater demand for project management, product
management and creative skills would have on the girls’ future
career options.
Jane and Megan encouraged the girls to maintain their
curiosity and to continue to ask questions whilst staying true
to their values. They advised the girls that they were never
too young to network, with their school friends forming an
important base for professional networking.
Finally they spoke to the girls of the value of listening to the
people around them – parents, teachers and close family
friends who are mentors, guiding them on their life’s journey.
Thank you to Megan and Jane for giving up their time to share
their wise and inspirational words with our current students
and staff.
November 2015
Bennies Buzz
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Belinda Bonaccorso (Class of 2017)
Maureen Harrison (Former Staff Member)
Alyssa Hedley (Class of 2012)
Katie Muskovits (Class of 2007)
Christine Smith (nee Toohey) (Class of 1975)
Left to right: MariaPearson (CollegePrincipal), JaneHuxley (Class of 1985),
Isabella Micallef and Jeneane Susas (2015 Communications Captains),
Megan Turner (Class of 1985) and Cathy Bray (MSBESA President).
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