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Holly Pitt – Class of 2012
Western Sydney University Scholarship recipient, Holly Pitt has been
accepted into the Coleman Greig Legal Studies Cadetship Program as well
as competing at the World University Debating Championships.
Each year Coleman Greig offers law students an opportunity to mix their
university studies with quality work experience. As part of the program
students receive a scholarship of $1000 per year to assist in paying
university expenses. In addition, they are given the opportunity to earn extra
money working at the firm on a casual basis. The cadets complete rotations
with the various teams, allowing them to get a more meaningful experience.
Holly reports that the best part of the rotation program is that it gives her
the opportunity to apply the knowledge she is acquiring at university in a real
work environment - there is only so much you can learn from a book!
Holly is currently in her third year of university on an Academic Leadership
Scholarship with the University of Western Sydney to the amount of $20,000.
She is studying a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Communications majoring in
Public Relations and is hoping that her position at Coleman Greig as a cadet
will lead to a long-lasting career within the firm.
Holly also competed at the World University Debating Championships in
Malaysia earlier in the year, and the Australasian Debating Championships
held in Daejeon, South Korea, marking more successes that she continued
from an early start debating with the aid of Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Noble
at Bennies.
Class of 1995 - 20 Year Reunion
High school reunions bring back a myriad of reflections and
emotions. I did not exactly put my hand up to organise the event,
actually I can’t even remember how it happened, but I was coerced
into it with expressions of ‘we will help you’ from my friends!!
Thank goodness for Facebook as it enabled us to find so many of
our old year group. As time moved on and with the chosen date
looming we managed to entice 50 ladies into joining us to relive
their school days between 1990 and 1995.
As North Sydney holds memories of many nights out during high
school, it was fitting that we returned to ‘The Treehouse’ for our
night. It was a great atmosphere to mingle, with plenty of delicious
food and drink. The reunion started with hellos and hugs and
surprise at encountering classmates that we had not seen in a
long time. I particularly enjoyed my time circulating the room and
chatting and reminiscing with many of my old classmates. However,
I realised how hard it was to put everything that I have been doing
in the last 20 years into a few short sentences, before it was time
to catch up with the next person. All the same, it was wonderful to
laugh together about our shared past experiences without the peer
pressures and teenage angst!
The most rewarding thing about organising the reunion was
watching other people re-kindle friendships and make connections
with their past. It was my absolute pleasure to be involved in the
build-up and organise an event for all these lovely ladies. I really
believe that all these years after high school, we’ve only gotten
better looking!
Our reunion was made possible with the help of Kathryn Heard (nee
Lawrenson) and Kathryn Malouf (nee Ryan). I could not have done
it without you and I’m very grateful of the time that you both put
aside. Thank you to the wonderful Michelle Blackman at Bennies.
A special thanks to Wendy Donaldson for being such an amazing
hoarder, she bought in heaps of photos, our year 10 shirt, year
photos, year books, badges and even had an old junior school
uniform. I think I was the only one game enough to try it on!
Thanks to Therese Duranti for helping with the venue selections
and your much needed advice throughout the process. Thank you
most of all to the people that took a step out of their comfort zone,
it would not have been a reunion without you there.
Emma Cooke (nee Griscti)
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