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Principal’s Message
I write this as we are farewelling the Class of 2015.
I remember these young women as they arrived on their first
day in the year 2010. How they have changed during that
time – they have been changed by the experiences they have
had, the things they have learned and the people they have
met along the way. It is wonderful to see the strength of their
friendships and the support they offer each other. During their
final week with us they were able to enjoy hearing the stories
of some recent ex-students, stories which I know inspired
hope and expectation for what lies ahead.
I am sure for all of us there is a recognition that our school
days are very important in our development. Many of us made
lifelong friendships at school and by the time we left school
many of our values and beliefs had already taken shape. Of
course as we continue our lives we continue to grow, but it is
great to look back to some of those formative experiences. I
know there are some groups holding reunions this year and
I am sure there will be many stories shared. Next year we
celebrate our 50th Jubilee. There are many events planned
and we look forward to meeting many former students and
former staff, hearing their stories from the early years of the
College and sharing our stories of the College now.
We were privileged earlier this semester to welcome the
Bishop of Broken Bay, Most Reverend Dr Peter Comensoli, to
the College for an Assembly. Bishop Peter urged the girls to
use the potential of digital media to be missionaries for the
world and to draw on the example of Mary Magdalene as the
first witness to the risen Christ.
I hope you enjoy reading about the exciting events that have
been happening – Space Camp, Forensic Camp, Year 8 STEM
Day, Book Week, Kidz4Kidz and our continuing success in
Future Problem Solving. MSB continues to be a vibrant place
of learning in every area of our community life.
Maria Pearson
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November 2015
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