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As it had recently been made into a film, the College’s Creative
and Performing Arts Department were confident it would be
known and enjoyed by the majority of the College.
The musical’s popularity was confirmed when over 200
students auditioned for lead and chorus roles. There were
numerous opportunities for involvement with 115 girls in
the performing cast and another 80 girls involved in areas
including technical roles, stage crew, costume production,
hair and makeup artists, set and props creators, rehearsal
photographers, ushers and program sellers. Some of the
College’s new Year 7s were welcomed into the chorus cast
ensuring they quickly felt part of the College community.
Jordana Beatty starred as Tracy Turnblad. The Year 11
student described her role in Hairspray as one of the
most exciting things in her high school life.
“Initially I was
nervous about playing my character due to the requirements
and demands of her, yet as the show got underway I couldn’t
imagine playing anything else. I miss it so much and if I had the
opportunity, I would just love to do it all over again!”
Year 10 student Arabella Young performed the role of Wilbur
(Tracy’s father) describing her most memorable moment as
“rehearsing ‘Big, Blonde and Beautiful’ when everyone realised
it was my birthday! They all got together and sang to me and it
was just such a nice moment and I really realised how special the
friendships I had made onset were.”
Musical Director and CAPA staff member, Mrs Gabrielle
Keats was impressed by the passion from everyone involved
for this production of Hairspray
“It was wonderful to see so
many ex-students and former MSB musical cast members each
night sharing stories of past productions and meeting up with
staff and students.”
November 2015
Bennies Buzz
| 15
Rachel Takchi
as Motormouth
Rosie Coppini
as Velma
Olivia Finnan
as Edna
Arabella Young
as Wilber
Rosie Leavey
as Little Inez
Jordana Beaty
as Tracy
Emelia Serra
as Seaweed
McEntee as
Wade as Corny
Brittany Maggs
as Amber
We have received
so many positive
comments from the
students, parents, staff
and wider community.
This has been a
wonderful success
that we know will
live in the students’
memories forever.”
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