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November 2015
Bennies Buzz
| 13
MSB Host Holiday Camp
for Refugee Children
During the mid-year term break Mount St Benedict College
in collaboration with the Good Samaritan Education Team
and Josephite Community Aid offered a holiday club for
refugee children.
Fifteen staff and over fifty Year 10 and 11 students were
involved, hosting two weeks of ‘vacation-care’ style activities
for the primary-aged children including subject areas such as
Food Technology, Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS),
Design & Technology, English, Maths, Science and Geography.
This initiative builds on a close partnership the College has
with Josephite Community Aid, a community group that
supports refugee and asylum seeker families.
In the College’s Year of Hospitality, this was an ideal
opportunity for staff and students to welcome children into
the MSB community and share with them their gifts and
talents to make their holidays more enjoyable.
Other established programs that the College also coordinates
each year are JCA Fun Day, the JCA Refugee Homework Club
and Christmas Hampers.
Books Light Up Bennies
The College celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week and
Children’s Book Week in late August. The theme for 2015 was
‘Books Light up our World’
and students were encouraged via
displays in the Information Resource Centre (IRC) to light up
their world through reading. Throughout the week students
were invited to participate in guessing competitions such as
‘guess the silhouette’, ‘name the book cover’ and a twenty
question competition based on locations around the world.
The College welcomed two authors. Award winning writer for
young adults, Claire Zorn visited the College. The winner of
the 2015 CBCA Book of the Year (older readers) ran a number
of creative writing workshops for Year 9 and lunched with four
MSB students who were selected from a College run creative
writing competition. Author Jennifer Walsh spoke with Year 7
students about her writing and the research that she has to
undertake prior to writing a book.
Write a Book in a Day
Write a Book in a Day is a fun and challenging program
that builds team working and writing skills. Two Mount St
Benedict College teams (a Year 9 and a Year 10 team) recently
accepted the challenge. The goal: to write a book in a nine
hour school day that is enjoyable for children! Not only did the
book have to be written (between 2,000 and 8,000 words), but
also illustrations had to be hand-drawn, copyrights claimed,
the book dedicated, copious amounts of editing done, and
correct acknowledgements made. And to make it more
challenging, the story had to be based on given prompts that
included two human characters, a non-human character, an
issue and a setting. One MSB team received the prompts of
a priest, a vegetarian, and a giant squid, tossed into a local
suburb, which was experiencing a drought. After three drafts
and multiple trips to the printer, they finally completed their
story, titled Squidnapped. The completed books were then
donated to young cancer patients in hospitals and funds
raised for cancer research.
Year 9 creative writing winners with
award winning author Claire Zorn
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