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Year 8 Forensic Investigators
A near hit and run, a break and enter on a property and a victim
poisoned with her prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, resulting in
an overdose and death were all linked crimes that some Year
8 students from Mount St Benedict College were tasked with
investigating at a five day forensic science camp held at The
Armidale School.
Tenèe Arthur, Dusana Barker, Natalia Bennett, Lara Bryant,
Annabelle Flannery and Lily O’Brien were all selected for the
highly regarded science enrichment opportunity.
Within small groups, the girls along with their fellow attendees were
tasked with solving the different crimes using a variety of forensic
science skills including finger print dusting, soil and blood sample
comparisons as well as fabric analysis.
Using both written and physical evidence which was taken from
the ‘crime scene’ they were allowed to run tests on the evidence
and send it to ‘Police HQ’ for further DNA testing or analysis.
After four days they came together to create a presentation to
put before a real magistrate.
The highlight of the camp for the girls was presenting their
group’s case,
“All our hard work came down to that one moment
where the magistrate would then tell us
if we had enough evidence supporting our
case to go to trial.”
The girls agreed that they had had a
better understanding of what forensic
scientists had to go through to solve a
crime and were proud of the new skills
they mastered while at the camp. They
would recommend the experience to
any future Year 8 students who have a
passion for science.
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Bennies Buzz
November 2015
Student News
Mount St Benedict College is developing quite a reputation
for the ability to take on and conquer the world in the field
of Future Problem Solving (FPS). Recently, the College
received the exciting news that a total of 21 students had
been invited to compete at the FPS National Finals in
Brisbane. This includes the Year 8 and Year 9 Community
Problem Solving Teams as well as four girls who have
also qualified as individuals for the National Finals. They
are Madison Ehlers-Casada (2nd) and Madeleine Skinner
(4th) who will compete in the Senior Division of Scenario
Writing and Lauren Klauser in the Global Issues, Middle
Division. Lauren will be MSB’s first ever competitor in the
individual section of Global Issues.
A special mention is made of Arabella Young who has
already been named the National winner of the Senior
Scenario Performance division. Arabella will be writing
and performing a story specifically for the teachers and
judges at the National Finals and has already been invited
to compete at the FPS International Finals next June.
Congratulations and best wishes to the girls and
their coaches!
Isabella to compete at Australian
Geography Competition
Best wishes to Year 11 student Isabella Croker who
is travelling to North Stradbroke Island to participate
in the next round of the Australian Geography
Competition’s ‘Big Week Out’. The Big Week Out
is an enrichment experience with
a mix of stimulating and hands-
on geography activities for sixteen
gifted senior students from around
Australia. Australia’s team for the 2016
International Geography Olympiad in
Beijing will be selected from this event.
We wish Isabella a very rewarding
Future ProblemSolving Success
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