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May 2014
Bennies Buzz
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Students Write Music for
College Liturgical Celebrations
Late in 2013 three of our senior music students,
Andrea Hajje, Casey McBride and Kirsty Smith set
about composing settings for the celebration of
Eucharist. This work was undertaken as part of the
unit on Religious Music for their Preliminary Course.
The result was six pieces of original music which is
now available to the College to use in Liturgies.
Kirsty Smith composed a setting for Psalm 23 – The
Lord Is My Shepherd which was used for the first time
at the Opening College Eucharist in 2014 and has been
subsequently used in Liturgies for MSB Day and the
Year 12 Graduation. Kirsty was particularly honoured
to have the opportunity to work and perform with the
junior years on performing her composition.
Andrea Hajje composed settings for the “Lord Have
Mercy” and “Lamb of God” while Casey McBride
composed settings for the “Holy Holy”, “Acclamation”
and “Great Amen”. These settings have also been
used for Liturgical celebrations at the College in 2014.
Andrea said, “As it was the first time I had properly
composed something intended for use, listening to
our pieces being played by the College band and choir
was amazing!”
It is a wonderful asset to have original composition
available to use in Liturgy as it makes a profound
connection between creative talents of MSB students
and the act of gathering for worship. It also provides a
significant link between the work done in the classroom
and the way the College gathers and prays. All of these
elements strengthen the sense of integrating faith and
life which is at the heart of many endeavours at MSB.
And as they come to the end of their time at MSB the
legacy of their contribution is starting to hit home with
Casey reflecting, “It feels nice to have the College really
appreciate our work and use them in actual masses;
knowing that maybe, in years to come, if we return for
a mass we can hear them again,” said Casey.
Social Justice Forum
Mount St Benedict College welcomed over 150 students
from 14 schools during Term Two at its 15th annual social
justice forum to consider
Refugee and Asylum Seekers
– is this what freedom from oppression looks like?
Held as part of the College’s Social Justice and
Reconciliation Week titled ‘One World Week’, the
interactive forum brought together students and justice
advocates from agencies across Australia.
Key note speaker, human rights barrister, documentary
maker and prominent refugee advocate Jessie Taylor
provided a challenging message about the plight facing
asylum seekers in Australia and abroad. Jessie’s story was
featured on ABC Australian Story in 2012, fostering
a fourteen year old Afghan asylum seeker before she was
thirty. The students were challenged to make a difference
and become a voice for justice and respect in Australia.
With a strong desire from the student attendees to make
a difference and get involved, 2014 MSB Social Justice
Captains Hannah McKnight and Nivedita Kumar pitched
an initiative to the group that same night.
“Following some very challenging and intriguing questions
at the Q & A session about what we can do now, we
decided to take action. For our generation with technology
at our fingertips it seemed like an obvious choice to start
a Facebook group. It is called ‘Be the Change You Want
to See’, it is a group set up to educate ourselves about
current issues. Opinions, articles and events are shared
so that we can get involved in solving issues that we are
passionate about.”
Casey McBride, Andrea Hajje
and Kirsty Smith
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