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Bennies Buzz
November 2014
Mount St Benedict College continues to be recognised in the community
for the outreach and ministry opportunities our students and staff enjoy.
‘Free a Child’
During Term Two a group of MSB students were invited to stand
in solidarity with Religious groups and question the wisdom of
holding children in detention. In conjunction with the College’s
social justice focus a number of the College Choir (participating
students made individual decisions to support the event)
performed at the Queen Victoria Building in the city as part of
the campaign launch, to seek changes to the policies that lead
to children being detained in immigration detention centres.
The Australian Coalition to End Immigration Detention of
Children commissioned award winning artist, Benjamin Gilbert
to create an installation. Hundreds of dolls were placed within
the ‘cage’ to symbolise the hundreds of children in detention.
The MSB community donated dolls to contribute to the artwork.
Attendees at the launch were
asked to ‘free a child’ with dolls
wearing numbered ID tags
representing the detained
children. Once a doll was freed,
their ID tag was removed, the
person taking action kept half
of the card as a reminder of
their action and the other half
was sent to local politicians
imploring action for the
protection of children.
Busking for Vinnies
The annual ‘Busking for Vinnies’ raised over $3,000 to
support the great work of St Vincent de Paul. 150 MSB
students and accompanying teachers travelled to Parramatta
Mall for an annual day of busking in support of the St Vincent
de Paul Winter Appeal. Students from the College Choir,
MSB Concert Band, Chamber Ensemble and Flute Ensemble
performed for the lunchtime crowds.
On the following day, three Year 12 students also busked
in Parramatta Mall for the Saturday shopping crowds.
MSB has been supporting the event for the past six years,
with student involvement growing from 30 in the early years
to a record of 150 this year.
Free a Child
Busking for Vinnies
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