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Physical Activity Sports Science
activity - $10 challenge to feed
an athlete conducted in local
Learning Frontiers
is a collaborative
initiative created to
transform teaching
and learning so
that every student
succeeds in an
education worth
having. (AITSL, 2014)
November 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 7
For regular updates on both the MYBennies Innovation project and the Learning Frontiers journey follow
@benniesmsb on Twitter #learningfrontiers.
Peace Puzzle - Creativity in Home Room
- personal ethos and values activity
Meteorological reports for
Geography - Students writing and
filming reports in small groups
Commerce Market Day - Authentic
learning activity in small groups
German class - See, Think, Wonder
thinking routine activity discussing the
Berlin Wall and impact on communities
Science and Geography integration -
Student voice through discussion
to determine way forward
Year 8 Conversations in Home
Room building relationships and
resilience in students
Global Citizens - Skype being used to
connect to students in another school for
a discussion on books during Book Week
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