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November 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 23
November 2014 Ben ies Buz | 23
Theresa Creed Class of 1994
Therese Creed’s (nee Hanna) second
Charlotte’s Creek
, was released
in May this year by Allen and Unwin, in
the same week as the delivery of her
fifth baby, Annette Kathleen. Charlotte’s
Creek is a story about a young woman,
Lucy Francis, who decides to throw
caution and her stable teaching job in
a posh Sydney school, to the wind, and
seek adventure in outback Northern
Queensland. A very green Lucy takes on the position of governess
to four boisterous children on a massive cattle station, and in
doing so, finds herself dealing with three generations of the
West family, becoming immersed in the complexities of life and
relationships on the land when they are tied up with property and
business. Lucy also finds herself falling, most unexpectedly, for
an unlikely gentleman.
As in Therese’s first bestselling novel,
Redstone Station
, she has
attempted to paint a realistic picture of remote rural life in the
contemporary world.
Debutante Ball Photos
The Archives Department are looking for copies of Debutante
Ball formal photos. If you have a copy of your Debut photo, can
we please ask you to either post a copy to Mrs Blackman or
email to
. Please include the year
your Debut was made, location and names if possible.
Staff News
Ex-student MSB Coaching Support
Mrs Karen Grant said it was great to see a number of ex-
students umpiring at the Broken Bay Netball Championships
- Mikala Smith, Kirsten Gossip and Jessica Knight.
Olivia Doyle Class of 2012 has also agreed to coach the MSB
Representative Water Polo team in Term Four.
Becky Clark and Maddy
Bergfield – Class of 2013
came to support our athletics
teams at both the Broken Bay
and NSW All Schools Knock
Out Championships in full
MSB gear!
Congratulations to:
Gerry Reyes and his wife Evangeline
on the arrival of their second child,
Eunice Valerie Reyes on 11 April 2014.
Farewell to:
Mark Sullivan
Mr Mark Sullivan started at MSB
in August 2008 as ICT Manager
and leaves after six years to take
up the role of Director of Innovation
Technologies at Pymble Ladies
College (PLC). During Mark’s time
at the College he has led the ICT
Team and the ICT Committee and
overseen the laptop program which
began in 2010 with Year 7 and 9 students and now involves
all students in the College. Mark was a member of the
Curriculum Team and in 2014 Mark also returned to the
classroom teaching in the Technology and Applied Science
Faculty. Mark’s six years at the College led to significant
changes in technology resources in the College, the
development of a new College webpage, introduction of
online booking for parent teacher interviews and subject
selection and the increased use of social media and web
2.0 tools in the classroom. Mark shared his expertise and
innovative thinking throughout his time at the College
especially through professional development opportunities
for staff, students and parents. We wish Mark all the best at
PLC and extend our best wishes to Mark and his family for
the future.
Sharon Robinson
Sharon Robinson has been at MSB
for five years and during that time
held many roles. She has been our
Geography Teacher Extraordinaire
and has enriched the teaching of
Geography with her passion and
expertise. Sharon does not just
teach about people and places
around the world, she teaches about the people and places
she has been to. Her sense of independence and adventure
has seen her travel off the beaten track and experience
parts of the world that many of us will only refer to in
photographs. This has enriched her teaching and inspired
many to experience far flung places and people.
Sharon was also the Monserrat House Coordinator for two
years. Her particular strength was patience with the girls,
as she listened to them intently, providing light in even the
most difficult of situations. Her contribution to pastoral
care programs and events has been significant.
We wish her the best in the next stage of her life’s journey.
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