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Bennies Buzz
November 2014
International Tours
History Study Tour
Thirty three students and six staff recently travelled as part of the
inaugural MSB History Tour visiting Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin,
Naples/ Vico Equense, Monte Cassino and Rome.
Starting in Munich the girls toured the important sites of the Nazi
Party including the famous Hofbrauhaus, the site of the first Nazi
party meetings. The group also visited the Dachau Concentration
Camp. The girls were very respectful in the way that they
processed this difficult part of world history.
“Overall Dachau was a very challenging experience to overcome
however it was very informative and allowed us to pay our respects
to the victims of the Holocaust.”
Divya Sood
In the town of Nuremberg the group witnessed some of the
contradictions of German history where the beautiful medieval
castle and town were contrasted with the architecture of the Nazi
Party rally grounds. The final stop in Nuremberg was Courtroom
600, the site of the War Crimes trials after WWII.
“The tour of the Memoriam of the Nuremburg Trials and Courtroom
600 was without a doubt one of the highlights of the trip… We were
given insight into just how the trials were conducted with information
such as the defence strategies used, the overall sentencing, and much
Lucy Hatcher
Berlin was a very different experience after the beauty of Nuremberg.
It is a city of growth and renewal, still developing after its history
of division. The group had the opportunity to see the Reichstag,
Brandenburg Gate as well as swim in the Wannsee Lakes.
“On the final day of our visit to Berlin, we visited The House of the
Wannsee Conference where we learned about the Final Solution.
This tied together our learning on the history of Germany in WWII.”
Zoe McIntyre
The flight from Berlin to Naples moved the focus from Modern to
Ancient History. Pompeii was a definite highlight for our girls. After
visiting the site of Herculaneum they had the amazing experience
of snorkelling over the top of the submerged ruins at Baiae.
Seeing mosaics, columns and Roman pottery under the water and
being able to dive down and touch was a truly unique experience.
“We were told that this was a ‘living, hands on museum’. It was
definitely like no other museum I had been to before. To visit these
ruins we went off the beach about 300 metres and dived into the
beautiful clear waters of the Mediterranean.”
Kaitlin Ridley
The tour then moved on to Rome with a very special stop at
Monte Cassino where Benedict wrote his Rule. An informative
tour finished with staff and students saying the College Prayer
in the monastery’s chapel.
The final stop was the Eternal City, Rome with visits to famous
landmarks such as The Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona
and the Coliseum. The group had guided tours of the Vatican
Museum and St Peter’s Cathedral as well as the Forum and
Palatine Museum. There was also an opportunity for the group
to celebrate mass at Santa Susanah under the watch of
Bernini’s sculptures.
The 17 days in Europe came to a close with some wonderful
memories and learning experiences. Thank you to all the staff
and students for their positive involvement in our first College
History Tour.
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