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November 2014
Bennies Buzz
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Elizabeth Takes Charge
Mount St Benedict College recently took part in a national
campaign ‘Student Principal for a Day’ to unleash and
inspire leadership qualities in students. Year 9 student
Elizabeth Khoury stepped into the principal’s shoes for a
day, experiencing a practical leadership lesson and a taste
of what it feels like to ‘rule the school’.
The selection process for ‘Student Principal for a Day’
involved peer voting and staff nominations following the
Year 9 Leadership Camp. Elizabeth’s commitment and
involvement in College life and her involvement with the
Alliance of Girl’s Schools Student Networking Group made
her an ideal candidate for the role.
Initially excited and a little nervous, Elizabeth settled into
a day of meetings, classroom visits, newsletter writing,
an assembly address and even managed to squeeze in
morning tea with the teaching staff!
Elizabeth’s highlight for the day was participating
in meetings, noting “I found the meetings very insightful
and I was able to share my opinion. I felt I was speaking on
behalf of the students and what they wish to experience.”
adj. of, relating to, or characteristic of a lion.
Already well known throughout the MSB community, the
band Leonine are musical talent to watch for the future.
The group comprised of three MSB Year 12 students: Andrea
Hajje, Casey McBride and Kirsty Smith are coming to the end
of their time at the College but have left a lasting legacy.
With a shared love of music and the performing arts, the girls
have been performing together for three years and already have
a number of gigs under their belts.
When asked about their group name, Andrea and Casey
admitted they agreed they would use the first word they saw on
opening a dictionary – the word was leonine
adj. of, relating to, or
characteristic of a lion
, they liked it and the name stuck, although
Kirsty admitted the name “took some time to grow on her.”
Playing acoustic pop covers and mixes / mash ups, the girls also
incorporate their own compositions into their performances.
When asked to describe their own styles, the variety in their band
soon became apparent.
Andrea said she was into vocals “particularly musical theatre and
pop.” Casey described herself as “the indie chick into guitar and
vocals” while Kirsty said she was “the country folk girl focusing on
guitar, piano and vocals.”
They are a talent that the College has fostered giving them
frequent opportunities to perform at assemblies, liturgies and
College events. All three girls are currently studying Music for
their HSC and have even had the opportunity to develop their
composition skills through their assessment tasks, writing six
pieces for College liturgies.
Kirsty said, “It was a real buzz teaching our compositions
to the College band and choir and then actually hearing
them performed.”
They most recently had a hectic schedule playing at their Year 12
Farewell Assembly, Academic Assembly and Graduation Mass.
All three girls are quick to acknowledge the support from the
College in particular Mr Peter Watters, Head of MSB Creative
and Performing Arts; Mr Paul Lentern, College Assistant
Principal – Dean of Mission; and Ms Kate Beazley, a former
MSB Music teacher.
Musical performances have taken a backseat lately with the
pressures of the HSC but they have definite plans for the future
and want to focus post HSC on getting their name known and
performing more.
The girls have recorded and released six covers on YouTube (under
leonine), performed on the Manly ferry as part of International Music
Week and recently entered Triple J’s Unearthed High competition.
Elizabeth Khoury
...Elizabeth Khoury stepped into the principal’s shoes for a
day, experiencing a practical leadership lesson and a taste
of what it feels like to ‘rule the school’.
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