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November 2014
Bennies Buzz
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Student Alliance Network Group
As part of the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, there have
been four girls who have represented MSB throughout the year
at the Student Alliance Network meetings. They have been
hosted by different Colleges throughout the year and have
engaged students in talking about issues that relate to women.
Topics of conversation have included, bullying, how women are
being presented in positions of leadership and in government,
the sexualisation of women and violence towards women.
The purpose of the meetings is for students to network with
others in a variety of girls’ schools in NSW. The format of the
meetings have included, students hearing from a guest speaker
to open the discussion, followed by a session that is led by
students presenting information on a variety of topics. Students
are then given an opportunity to converse with others about the
content presented and discuss their viewpoint.
Current MSB members, Emily Bray (Year 11), Alexandra Dowd
(Year 10), Grace Klauser (Year 10) and Elizabeth Khoury (Year
9) are enjoying the opportunity to network and engage with
other students from Years 9 – 11. They have commented that
this opportunity has provided them with the forum to discuss
issues that they would not normally talk about amongst their
peers. They have welcomed being able to inform the College
community through the articles they have written for the College
newsletter and through their presentations at assembly. The
girls are excited about expanding this group in the future. Their
vision is to bring the conversations they are having at their
network meetings to their peers at the College and talk about
ways they can collectively bring about change.
YMCA NSW Youth Parliament
Year 10 student, Monique Harris started her journey
with the YMCA Youth NSW Parliament in 2013 when
she applied to take part in the program.
The program gives young people a voice in the
running of NSW. Run by young people, for young
people, the program aims to promote youth-
led advocacy, active community leadership and
legal and parliamentary education. Monique
has commented on how she developed her
parliamentary knowledge, teamwork and
leadership skills and challenged her ability to
speak in public through completing the program.
Monique represented the electorate of Epping,
formed part of the Legislative Assembly and
was a member of the Environment and Heritage
Committee. Her team were proposing a Bill to
reduce the state’s dependency on fossil fuels
and water, through using renewable energy and
installing water tanks for new infrastructure.
Through a lot of hard work and long hours,
Monique’s team passed this Bill through both
Houses of Parliament and the Bill was passed
onto the NSW Government for consideration.
When Monique was asked about her experience
of the program her comment was, “it has been a
challenging but also rewarding experience in which
I will never forget. I have made so many lifelong
friends and met so many amazing and passionate
people. I am so excited to be able to be taking
part in this event next year and cannot wait. I have
walked out of this commitment with a clear mind
to seeing other people’s perspectives on things
and have become more confident within myself.”
Monique Harris in action
From left: Alexandra Dowd, Grace Klauser, Elizabeth Khoury and Emily Bray
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