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November 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 13
Covering medicine, journalism and education their career stories
and advice had the audience listening intently including how to gain
entry into a medical degree and maintaining motivation over the long
course of study; changing career path; the benefits of a gap year both
prior to and during study; and creating balance in study and working life.
Kate revealed that her time at Bennies and her subsequent
journalism career were strongly influenced by her History teacher,
Mrs Kelleher, who taught her to question things and to be inquisitive.
Kate is currently working on an ABC documentary about the 100 year
anniversary of Gallipoli where she will interview Mrs Kelleher!
The message that it is never too late came through about a change
in study or career. Suzie initially completed a degree in tourism,
found that it wasn’t the path she wanted to take so went back
to university and studied education and hasn’t looked back. Her
passion for teaching was evident when she explained how rewarding
it was to shape the lives of 7 year olds.
Monika and Jess are both studying medicine with eighteen months to
go; Monika in her anaesthetics training and Jess until she starts her
internship. Jess believes being a GP is more than likely her calling
with a speciality in her areas of interest. What kept these girls going
is a passion for medicine which takes commitment and a great level
of support from family and friends. They both explained that it meant
making choices in their personal lives that weren’t always easy.
All four admitted getting the right work life balance was a challenge
but very important. Jess fits theatre production and part time work
into her schedule which gives her time away from the books. Monika’s
husband is also an anaesthetist so study is a constant in their home
– they recently took time out to get married and have an overseas
honeymoon! The key to balance for Suzie is to prioritise her life, the
trick being to do as much as she can at school so she can go home
and have quality time with her young family.
The question on everyone’s lips was whether a gap year is
worthwhile? The general response was yes, especially if you are
unsure of what you would like to study. Their strong recommendation
was to not just go to university for the sake of it – a gap year if used
wisely can allow valuable time to assess priorities.
Thank you to Suzie, Jessica, Kate and Monika for giving up their
time to share their journey and advice with our current students.
Welcome Back to Bennies
On a crisp winter morning, four inspiring young
women shared their career stories since leaving
MSB at our annual Beyond Bennies Breakfast.
Staff, students and parents gathered to hear
ex-students Suzie Monks (Class of 2000), Monika
Kenig (Class of 2002), Kate Aubusson (Class of
2004) and Jessica Jones (Class of 2009).
Left to right: Kate Aubusson, Jessica
Jones, Monika Kenig and Suzie Monks
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