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Community welcome
at the primary school
November 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 11
While reflecting on their experience both men acknowledged
the challenging climate conditions that they worked in but
were quick to add that there was great satisfaction with what
was achieved at the end of the day.
John Hody noted that humour from the project team and locals
as well as hospitality from the local people saw them through
the tougher moments.
“If one of us was having a particularly hard time, the group
really rallied around to lighten the mood.”
“The generosity from the I-Kiribati and their wonderful sense
of hospitality were highlights of the trip for both of us.”
With so much achieved in a practical sense and supported by
positive feedback from the Good Samaritan Sisters in Kiribati,
it is hoped that this volunteer experience can be repeated with
support from maintenance staff from fellow Good Samaritan
Schools and mentoring from previous attendees.
The two Johns hard at work
Completed solar panel project
There were no hardware stores
nearby, even something
as basic as running out of
screws could have meant that
the job could not be finished.
Port Lincoln Project Team and the
Good Samaritan Schools Maintenance
Team pictured with Sr Marie
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