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Bennies Buzz
May 2015
Changing the
about asylum seekers
Mount St Benedict College believes
it is important for it’s students to be actively
engaged with social justice issues. The
issue of refugees and asylum seekers in
Australia has been gathering momentum
at the College over the past few years in
a wide range of areas. A number of
ground-breaking projects within the
College and externally are striving to
change the conversation that the College
community, and indeed the nation has
about refugees and asylum seekers.
Action led by MSB Social Justice Portfolio
In 2012 and 2013 the MSB Social Justice Portfolio organised
College participation in the “Detention for Detention” campaign
promoted by the Australian Young Christian Students
movement. This involved students placing themselves on
detention during a designated lunch time to voice their
objection to this situation. While “on detention” students wrote
messages of support on their hands and arms, photographed
these messages and posted them on social media.
In May 2015 the Social Justice Portfolio plans to have
representatives from a number of schools conduct workshops
at the College Social Justice Forum to inform others of their
work on this issue and to galvanise support.
‘Free a child’ Catholic Mission Campaign
In 2014, members of the College Choir performed at the
launch of the Catholic Mission Campaign at the Queen
Victoria Building to seek changes to the policies that
lead to children being detained in immigration detention
centres. Attendees at the launch were asked to ‘free a child’
with dolls wearing numbered ID tags representing the
detained children.
The Junior Social Justice Forum
hosted by the Year 10 Community
Problem Solving Team
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