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Nine specialist teachers are working together from
Religious Education, English, PDHPE, TAS, Geography,
History and Drama to deliver the program to Year 7 students
which will foster their creativity and problem solving;
communication; critical thinking; information and media
literacy; global citizenship; collaboration and teamwork; and
independence in learning. The Year 7 students are grouped
in classes of between 21 - 23 and have the opportunity
to work with students from outside their base class.
The students will complete three units
throughout the year:
1. What’s behind the red brick wall?
2. Going Global – Window to the World
3. MYBennies Choice Project
In the first few weeks of Year 7, MYBennies orientation
activities were completed focusing on the girls’
individual strengths, strengths they have as a class
group, aspects of effective team work, experiences from
primary school, discovering the type of learner each girl
is and what it means to be an independent learner. The
girls also discussed a time when they were engaged in
their learning in primary school and how it made them
feel, and reflected on what their parents had answered
to the same question late last year.
In the first week of school the girls undertook a walking
tour of the College and were invited to co-create their
learning spaces and the courtesy cues the teachers and
students will use in the lessons. The girls really enjoyed
the first few weeks of activities as they were an opportunity
to get to know each other, the MYBennies teachers and to
have some input into what happens in the classroom.
The first unit: ‘What’s behind the red brick wall?’ is
exploring the themes of the physical environment of
the College, support structures within and external to
the College, Benedictine traditions and Good Samaritan
heritage, personal identity, history of the College, House
involvement in community and College culture.
The MYBennies Year 7 learning program has been
developed with consideration of the four design
principles of engaged learning; integrated, co-created,
personal and connected as part of the College’s
involvement in AITSL’s Learning Frontiers project.
We look forward to sharing the MYBennies activities
as they happen on the College’s social media pages
(Twitter and Facebook) and you can also learn more
about the College’s involvement in Learning Frontiers
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Bennies Buzz
May 2015
New Year 7
Integrated Course
In 2015 a new learning program
MYBennies has been launched as part
of the MYBennies Innovation Project.
Co-creating how we use our learning spaces
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