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The Class of 2014 were accepted into an impressive array of tertiary
courses with a number of girls pursuing studies in the psychology,
law, business, science, health science, communication, education,
engineering and design fields.
The College was ranked as the top Catholic school in the Hills
District, the fourth highest performing Catholic girls’ school in
NSW, sixth best performing of all Catholic schools in NSW and
overall 59th best performing school in NSW.
Mr John Muskovits, Dean of Curriculum opened the Academic
Assembly focusing the gathered MSB community on the gift of
learning and standing in solidarity with young women around the
world, many of whom do not have the basic right to an education.
College Principal, Mrs Maria Pearson shared her great pride not
only for the outstanding HSC results but also for the different
stories and journeys to success for the Class of 2014.
“I want to assure you that today is about much more than your ATAR.
We celebrate the fact that you grasped the opportunities for learning
presented to you during your years at the College, the fact that
you took the advice of your teachers and collaborated with friends
and others to maximise your learning, the fact that you overcame
challenges and bounced back from disappointments, the fact that
you worked to improve your performances in assessment tasks and
learned from your mistakes…
Whatever their story, one thing is true for each of the girls we
recognise – all of them engaged actively in their studies, in their
lessons, with their teachers and with each other. None of these
girls was a passive observer. Success is not achieved by sitting back
and letting others get involved. In all aspects of life – whether that
be social, sporting, in ministry to others, and equally in academic
pursuits - success comes through grappling with the issues, taking
risks and learning from them, struggling to improve and overcome
your own personal challenges.”
Four students were named on the All Rounders List, recognising
achievement of a Band 6 (or its equivalent) in ten HSC units
(including English). The girls were Chloe Saker, Jessica Smith
Emma Hayman and Zaira Rocchi.
Chloe Saker was named in the Top Achievers List for Ancient
History, achieving seventh place in the State. Chloe also achieved
the highest ATAR at the College of 99.55.
Chloe’s address as College Dux was warmly welcomed by the
College community. She spoke of the importance of support
systems at home and at school, the unwavering commitment
and wisdom of the MSB teaching staff and seizing opportunities
at each year level.
In total 59 students achieved 131 mentions on the
Distinguished Achievers List, acknowledging those students
who received a Band 6 or E4 (Extension Course).
Kirsty Smith was selected and Ellen Schiffler was nominated,
for ArtExpress, which showcases a selection of outstanding
student artworks developed for the HSC examination in Visual
Arts. Keira McEntee was nominated for Callback, showcasing
the best of HSC Dance examination performances.
The Class of 2014 were accepted into an impressive
array of tertiary courses with a number of girls pursuing
studies in the psychology, law, business, science, health
science, communication, education, engineering and design
fields. 90% of the Class of 2014 were offered a place at
university, whilst others opted to undertake vocational courses
at private colleges and TAFE.
36% 69%
received an
ATAR over 90
achieved an ATAR
of 80 or more
achieved over
70 or more
College Dux, Chloe Saker pictured with
Mrs Maria Pearson and Mr John Muskovits
May 2015
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