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May 2015
Bennies Buzz
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Ex-students were warmly invited to attend the Mount St
Benedict Ex Students Association’s (MSBESA) annual ‘Beyond
Bennies’ event which was held as part of a full College Assembly
on 29 April in the College Hall.
This change of format is compatible with our aim to expand the
reach of our activities within the school. We believe it will enable
all students to hear the journeys and inspirational words of
wisdom from ex-students. This year our guests were from the
class of 1985. As the Assembly also commemorated Anzac Day
it was appropriate that one of our speakers, Megan Turner
(nee Mullins) served with the RAAF for many years in various
roles and locations both within Australia and overseas. Jane
Huxley, the Managing Director of Pandora Internet Radio and
formerly the chief executive of Fairfax Digital, also spoke.
The Association participated in the College Open Day. It was
lovely to see so many ex- students planning for their daughters
to attend their Alma Mater. Currently there are 70 ex-students
with daughters in the College. Hence the tradition of the Mother
Daughter photograph continues and will be held at 8:30am on
Thursday 11 June on the oval.
In order to assist the students with career information and
selection, the Association is launching a program connecting
students in Years 10 to 12 with ex-students. Students will be
From the
MSBESA President
referred through the College Careers Department. If you are
interested in sharing your career experience please register
via Bennies Connect:
I would like to acknowledge the generousity of the Association
Members who form the 2014/2015 Committee: Melissa
Woolnough (Vice President), Nicole Wheeler (Secretary), Angela
Tan (Treasurer), Margie Drake, Debbie Eddington, Karen Maher
and Vicki McClure. Also in keeping with our vision of ensuring the
Association is making a relevant contribution to the school, ex-
students Christina He and Denise Hillier who are current teachers
at the College have joined the Committee. We thank them for their
commitment and insights.
If you are an ex-student but not a member of the Association
please consider becoming a member via the Alumni website
Catherine Bray
(Anderton 1977)
Catherine Bray
Annaleen Chacon, ex-student
representative on Open Day
MSB Teachers and MSB ex-students:
Christina He (nee Liu) and Denise Hillier (nee
Schiemer) attended the recent MSBESA meeting.
Above: Nicole Wheeler, Catherine Bray,
Angela Tan and Debbie Eddington were
some of the ex-student representatives
at the MSB Open Day MSBESA display.
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