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Principal’s Message
Visiting Manila, Bacolod and the Subic Bay area we were
able to see firsthand some of the work being done by
different agencies to address issues such as homelessness,
extreme poverty, trafficking of children and lack of
education. A highlight was the visit with the Sisters of the
Good Samaritan in Bacolod, where the Sisters run a Kinder
School for children aged 5 to 7 years, a feeding program
for people living in urban slums and a centre to educate
and train women in cooking, parenting and other important
skills. The work of the Sisters in various parts of the world is
always inspirational – to see the difference their ministries
make in the lives of people, truly gives us reason for hope.
I hope you enjoy reading about the Philippines experience.
Our year began once again with some refurbished spaces
and five new demountable classrooms which will provide
us with the space to proceed with our proposed Master
Plan over the next five to ten years. The next stage of the
Master Plan should include new purpose-built Creative
and Performing Arts spaces and a performance space with
retractable tiered seating. All these improvements and those
of recent years help to create pleasant learning spaces for
students, which allow them to engage in developing the
skills they need to make their way in the 21st century. It was
clear from the HSC results gained by the Class of 2014, and
the various tertiary pathways they are pursuing, that our
At the end of last year I had the opportunity to travel with
a small group of students and staff to the Philippines.
girls take advantage of the opportunities for learning which
are offered to them. We are immensely proud of their efforts
and achievements. They certainly maintained the fine record
of consistency and excellence established in recent years.
Our biennial musical production this year is Hairspray. The
cast has been rehearsing since last year and as always we
are looking forward to the production in June. I am always
inspired by the talents of the girls (and the staff) and their
willingness to get involved and share their gifts with the
whole community.
MSBESA continues to develop the connections between ex-
students and current students. We are very grateful for their
various contributions – through the Sr Hyacinth Scholarship,
gifts to our graduating class, the mentoring program which
is in its early days and the annual Beyond Bennies, which
gives our current students the opportunity to hear the
different life journeys of ex-students. This year, in a change
from recent years, the entire school population was able to
hear our speakers during a full College Assembly.
We are blessed to have a very supportive parent community
who work with us to enhance our students’ experience of
school. Both through community building and financial
assistance with amenities, the efforts of the parents help us
to ensure that the entire community works together to give
our girls the best experience possible.
Throughout the pages of this edition you will find stories
which tell of the passion and enthusiasm of both our staff and
students. I hope you enjoy sharing the successes, celebrations,
activities and learning which have taken place over the past
few months. I hope you will find inspiration, as I do, as you turn
the pages and see the ways in which our community develops
through the involvement of all our members.
Maria Pearson
Children at the Good Samaritan
Bacolod Kinder School
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