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Ex-Student News
Casey Moen (nee de Souza) - Class of 2002
After leaving high school, I completed a Bachelor of Mathematics and
Finance (Honours) from UTS. After working in Debt Capital Markets,
I joined the fixed income institutional sales desk on the trading floor
of Westpac Institutional Bank.
I speak to a range of clients including banks, hedge funds, central
banks, asset managers globally. I also speak to a range of institutional
clients based in Japan. I credit my career path to my two high school
teachers - Mrs Mary Ann Dudley (Mathematics) and Ms Miwa Moriwaki
(Japanese) who fostered my passion in both of these subjects.
I met my husband (Michael Moen) at university and we were married in
November 2013 at Monte Saint Angelo College Chapel and Sergeants
Mess at Chowder Bay. We travelled to the Serengeti, Rwanda and
Zanzibar for our honeymoon.
Carleen Richardson (nee Isley) - Class of 2004
Carleen married Myles Richardson on 28 June 2014 at Christchurch
Lavender Bay. She is employed at Meriden College, Strathfield as a
Year Coordinator and teaches History, English and Legal Studies.
The family photo includes (from left) Mandy (Class of 2007),
Nicci (Class of 2011) and their mother, Jenny (nee Woods – Class of 1976).
University Exchanges
Four students from the Class of 2012
were nominated and accepted into University
overseas in 2015.
Emily Cheeseman – University of Leicester
Katherine Johns – University of Leicester
Chloe Barry-Hang – University of Houston
Rachel Drake is studying a Bachelor of
Design (Honours) at the University of New
South Wales (UNSW). Rachel applied for the
study abroad program and was accepted
into the University of Leeds. Rachel will
be studying design for six months with the
subjects she studies being credited back to
her degree at UNSW.
Casey pictured with her closest
friends (who are all ex-students
from the Class of 2002):
Annette Johnson (nee Siddle),
Bernadette Clegg (nee Donoghoe),
Emma Lannan (nee Howcroft), Erin
Martin, Monika Kenig, Gemma
Haskell (nee Watts), Sarah Kennedy
(nee Gray), Lauren Chaitow (nee
Miller), Laura Bosci (nee Friery).
Casey pictured with her bridesmaids: sister
Samantha de Souza (Class of 1996) and Gemma
Haskell (nee Watts) Class of 2002.
Gabrielle Dampney (Class of 1983)
Jackie Gallagher (Class of 1985)
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