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May 2015
Bennies Buzz
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Year 9 student, Daniela Taylor is the youngest ever student at the
College to complete the MSB Excellence Program, an extension
program targeted for gifted and talented students at Mount St
Benedict College. Daniela started the program while in Year 7,
looking for extra opportunities to challenge herself in both
a holistic and academic sense.
Since its inception in 2008, only five students have been eligible for the
award at the College. To successfully complete the program girls need
to complete a 3000 word essay or equivalent, 20 hours of community
service, read and write a review of 20 extension reading books,
participate in the co-curricular life of the College and demonstrate
leadership within their House or the wider College community.
It was Daniela’s Lithuanian family background that inspired her
independent learning project. She chose to present a webpage so
that her project could be accessible to this generation as well as
being a resource for the Lithuanian Scouting Association.
“I decided to learn about my own background and focus on the history
of Lithuania, a country in Europe where my grandmother came from...
I did a lot of research on the topics I was talking about including three
interviews with members of my family who had experience in
particular areas. I then collated my articles onto a website which
I created called ‘Lithuania at the Crossroads’,” Daniela said.
Throughout the program Daniela was kept busy with her
involvement in multiple co-curricular activities including choir,
band, flute ensemble, science club and the da Vinci Decathlon. She
was also able to develop her leadership skills organising a banner
competition for her College House.
In addition Daniela enjoyed her community service after school
at a local day care centre, valuing the experience to try something
new while helping a business in her local community.
Daniela’s involvement in the program culminated in delivering
a breakfast presentation to twelve members of staff including
her mentors; College Principal, Mrs Maria Pearson, as well as
her parents and sister. Daniela described some of the activities
and service opportunities which she conducted and, in particular,
spoke about her individual project.
Daniela is quick to recommend the MSB Excellence Program to fellow
students, “I encourage other students to take up this challenge as it
is a really rewarding experience and you try so many new things. You
do however have to be committed to the program as it requires a lot of
work in 18 months, but it is a great opportunity to consider.”
Daniela and her parents are thankful to her mentors, particularly
HSIE teacher, Mrs Emma Hopkins and Mrs Elizabeth Dirckze,
Coordinator, Teaching and Learning at MSB.
MSB Excellence Program
Welcomes Youngest Graduate
Enrolling at Mount St Benedict College
If you have a daughter in primary school, please
remember to “register” her to start at MSB sooner,
rather than later (this includes current MSB families).
This prevents disappointment for prospective families
on the wait list.
Please note:
Registration for Waiting List
should be lodged no later than the end of Year 4.
2015 College Musical – Hairspray
MSB Golden Jubilee 2016
We are currently updating our archival records in
preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a
result of this process we have discovered some of our
publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-
student and you have kept Publications such as Bennies
Buzz, Newsletters, School Diaries and photos of
significant events and that you would be happy to share
a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please
contact Michelle Blackman on 9980 0401 or email
. We are also very keen to
obtain old uniforms (including hats) and spare uniform
fabric for our collection.
Golden Jubilee 2016 – update your
contact details
With the Golden Jubilee fast approaching, we need your
latest contact details including email address. Register
your contact details on
to be
kept updated on upcoming events.
Hairspray rehearsals are underway with an enthusiastic
group of dedicated students.
Performances: Wednesday 10 June – Friday 12 June 2015
Daniela (3rd from left) celebrates
with her proud family
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