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Bennies Buzz
May 2015
Inspired by one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Leonardo
da Vinci, the girls compete in collaborative teams across 10
disciplines: Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking,
Engineering, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Art and Poetry,
Cartography and General Knowledge.
The 2015 theme is ‘Place’. We all live in a unique place that
is characterised by its geography, history, pastimes, culture,
politics and people. The places we live in, and visit physically
and in our imaginations have a powerful impact on our lives.
MSB students have started the competition phase with energy
and enthusiasm matched with intelligence and effort. Gifted
and Talented curricular programs encourage girls to delve
into extension curriculum areas, building academic resilience
and excellence. We look forward to much success and happy
learning in 2015.
I like da Vinci because it is challenging, but you can collaborate
with your friends to solve the problems instead of working alone.
I also like how it caters for all different people with a variety of
skills, whether you’re good at Maths or Drama.
Holly Porvaznik, Year 10
I enjoy da Vinci because it really challenges our minds. Things
are never as they seem and you really need to think on a deeper
level. It’s great to work as a team to solve a variety of problems
and challenges whether they be related to Maths, English, Art,
Engineering, Science or Code Breaking.
Diana Kazakov, Year 10
I like participating in da Vinci as it is a place where all thoughts
are heard. One small idea can blossom into an intricate
network of detail filled with imagination. Da Vinci is not only an
opportunity to think creatively but an opportunity for many brains
to create a masterpiece. One silly remark could be the basis
of the next triumph!
Trish Nguyen, Year 10
Da Vinci is a great place to meet other people who have similar
interests, as well as to bond with friends who share the same love
of learning. It’s unique in the sense that every week, we focus on
a different subject area. It helps us to not only focus on the things
we like and are already good at, but exposes us to new areas that
wouldn’t generally be touched on in class. I love going to da Vinci
each Friday as it is completely different to anything else I do at the
College. We are encouraged to think for ourselves and to widen that
thinking in a safe environment where we are given very positive but
also honest criticism not only from our teachers but also our peers.
Kaecee Dadula, Year 9
Girl Power in da Vinci G&T
Student News
Friday lunch is a time not to be missed. 
Around sixty training team members in
Years 7-10 puzzle, extrapolate, explicate,
connect and stretch their minds in deep
thinking challenges.
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