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May 2015 Bennies Buzz | 11
A New College Hat
Introduced after extensive consultation
with the College community, there has
been a positive response from students,
parents and the local community.
Girls in the current Year 7 are the first to
wear the hat with subsequent Year 7 cohorts
to follow. Girls in other year groups are
welcome to order a hat from the Uniform
Shop if they wish.
While an attractive addition to the uniform
the purpose of the hat is sun protection
with the College being mindful of continuing
the sun protection culture that its feeder
primary schools have fostered.
A History of Hats
at Mount St
Benedict College
Years 7-8 wore a grey
felt bowler (winter) and a
cream straw-like synthetic
bowler with grey/red/white
hat band (summer).
Years 9-12 wore a grey
felt bowler hat (summer
and winter).
Years 7-8 summer hat was
changed to a grey soft,
lined polyester fabric.
Years 7-8 summer hat
changed to a white straw-
like polypropylene, wide
brim with red hat band
(optional for Seniors).
College hat reintroduced to
Year 7 - navy polyweave hat,
maroon band with white
and grey lines including the
crest. Entire College will
wear hat by 2020.
There has been a
smart new addition to
the Mount St Benedict
College uniform with
Year 7 the first to wear a
College hat since 1999.
Year 7s wearing the new hat
College hat 1966
College hat 1970
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