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May 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 9
For me, Pax is about being at peace
with yourself and the community. Peace
is about having healthy relationships
with yourself and others as well as
contributing positively to the community.
Naomi, my fellow Liturgy Captain and
I will incorporate peace in each of our
school activities. Our Ash Wednesday
and Easter Celebrations will have a
running theme of Pax and our school
candle and grade banner incorporates
the symbols of Pax.
Veronica Ward – Liturgy Captain
The notion of “peace” can be interpreted in many
ways; it can mean physical quiet, a stillness of the
heart, or simply what would remain, if conflict and
hatred were taken from the world. The focus on Pax
this year is a rare opportunity for each individual to
discover what peace means to them. I hope this year
helps us find this peace in our busy lives.
Pax allows us to look not only at our
relationships with others but more
importantly, at our relationship with
ourselves. When there is no conflict in
our minds or fear in our hearts, peace is
present. For the Social Justice Portfolio, Pax
means to bring peace to the surrounding
community and the wider world. To do this,
activities such as the Caritas Trek have
been planned. Girls are encouraged to walk
to collect water from a nearby creek and
bring it back to the school as a symbol of
walking with the women and children who
must walk for miles every day just to collect
water, all sponsorship money from this trek
will be donated to Caritas Australia.
Emma Hayman – Vice Captain Portfolio
Nivedita Kumar and Hannah
McKnight – Social Justice Captains
The focus this year on peace not only encompasses
the idea of inner peace, but also peace with your
peers, family and surroundings. Pax is something that
everyone has inside them, and has the capacity to let
shine in their daily lives; however it can be easy for it
to be overwhelmed by other thoughts and activities.
If I can just take a deep breath, take a few moments
out of each day to be thankful, to count my blessings
and to truly let Pax work in my daily life, I think I
be able to make it through this rollercoaster ride they
call Year 12.
Jessica Smith
– College Captain
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