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In her opening year Assembly Address, College Principal,
Mrs Maria Pearson invited every member of the
community to bring their gift of peace into the College,
in particular urging the girls to consider how they use
their voices to contribute to harmonious relationships
and peace in life together. 
During the course of the year the College community
will be connecting with the theme of Pax in many and
varied ways through:
Prayer and reflection
Outreach and social justice initiatives
The College pastoral program
Day to day relationships with colleagues and students
Student led initiatives
Liturgical celebrations
Classroom practice
College goals for the Year of Pax will see the community
develop a deeper understanding of Pax through
relationships, greater self-awareness and skill
development. Such opportunities for both students
and staff will include recognising the relationship
between justice and peace as well as the search for
peace as part of an approach to wellbeing. Importantly
students will focus on developing skills in conflict
resolution, the use of non-violence as a tool for
change and campaigning for peace and the elimination
of violence – particularly against women.
Above: College Captains at the Opening Mass with the Year of Pax candle.
During 2014 at Mount St Benedict
College particular attention will be given
to the core Benedictine value of Pax,
the Latin word for peace. The Latin is
retained to help distinguish the particular
Benedictine concept of peace from more
commonly held understandings.
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