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... girls learn at their best
when they have strong
connections, when they feel
valued, respected and known,
and when their learning is
relevant and interesting.
May 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 7
event or facility, which promoted
lifelong physical activity, based on the
needs of that community. Students
then showcased their proposals
to staff members, their peers and
members of the wider community.
The integrated nature of the task allowed for
collaboration between faculties and students on
an authentic issue, relevant to the students’ own lives.
With the rewriting of programs in line with the National
Curriculum and Teaching for Understanding framework,
there has been an emphasis on 21st century fluencies
such as critical thinking, creativity and global citizenship.
In Term One of this year, the English and Religion faculties
trialled a series of integrated lessons with Year 7, aimed
at teaching interdisciplinary skills, such as letter writing,
narrative writing and research.
What’s next?
The MYBennies Innovation Team is undertaking a process
of mapping outcomes across the curriculum in order to find
possibilities for further integration. This will have consequences for
timetabling, daily routines and the infrastructure of the College.
There will be an emphasis on learning activities and assessment
tasks which stem from real world scenarios, which build skills
relevant to the 21st century. It is envisaged that a number of trials of
integrated programs or project-based learning tasks will run over
the course of 2014-2015, providing the College with the opportunity
to evaluate and refine these and any future integrated projects.
Brooke James
Our group investigated the use of ‘The Waves’ facility in
Baulkham Hills. We chose this facility as it is in our local
area and we felt it was underused and didn’t cater to all
age groups. With the aim of encouraging lifelong physical
activity in the local community, we wanted to incorporate
different types of sports into the facility so that it appealed
to more people and more age groups. It was really fun
to work in a group and share the tasks. I thought it was
great that people like Mike Bartlett (Education Manager,
Sydney Olympic Park), and Dana Spence (Parks & Assets
Coordinator, Hornsby Shire Council) took the time to come
and see our exhibition. It was good to have the opportunity
to showcase the work we are doing to people, other than
our teachers.
Daniella Murphy
After investigating the needs of the Hills community, our
group organised the ‘Hills Family Challenge’, a family
orientated day with different challenges such as an obstacle
course. We felt that there was a need for more fun physical
events, especially for people who don’t want to play
competitive sports. From our investigation of the area, we
were able to identify that lots of young families live in the Hills
area and so we thought an event in which all age groups could
take part would be perfect. The project was really fun to plan
and present. We even made a social media page to promote
our event, as well as brochures and display boards. Lots of
people came to visit our stand and enquire about our event.
I hope we gave the council members some ideas of what kinds
of events and facilities we would like to see in the area.
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