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As we celebrate with you, girls, I want to remind you and
also remind each one of us, of the people who have supported
you in arriving at this point today, most notably your parents,
your families, your teachers and your friends. I think it is
important for each of us to acknowledge those that support
us in our journeys.
Samantha Saunders achieved the top ATAR of 98.90.
Samantha’s address as College Dux was warmly received
by the College community. She spoke of personal growth,
camaraderie with her fellow students and achieving your
personal best with the support and guidance of wonderful
teachers. Samantha has chosen to study a Bachelor of
Medical Science at the University of NSW.
The College celebrated two students named in the
All-Round Achievers List. Natalie Grima and Selina Zeaiter
received NSW Premier’s Awards for all-round excellence
achieving a mark of 90 or more in ten of their HSC units,
including English.
Top achievers Gemma Morris (equal 8th in Food
Technology) and Josephine Princi (equal 9th in Hospitality)
were recognised for placing in the Top 10 in the State in
their respective courses.
In total 61 students achieved 134 mentions on the
Distinguished Achievers List, acknowledging those
students who received a Band 6 or E4 (Extension Course).
The Class of 2013 were accepted into an impressive array
of tertiary courses with a number of girls pursuing studies
in the science, health science, education, engineering and
design fields. 93% of the Class of 2013 were offered a place
at university, whilst others opted to undertake vocational
courses at private colleges and TAFE.
Class of 2013:
36% received an ATAR over 90
68% achieved an ATAR of 80 or more
87% achieved over 70 or more
John Muskovits, Dean
of Curriculum says:
“These achievements
really emphasise that our
HSC results are not a one
off occurrence, but rather
a result of consistent
performance at a high
level over a number of years. The College is
constantly looking at best teaching practice,
providing teachers with strategies to better
engage students in their learning. This is
reflected in our new curriculum design
and implementation of the
Teaching For
framework, with a greater
emphasis on how students demonstrate
their understanding.”
In total 61 students achieved
134 mentions on the
Distinguished Achievers List...
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