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Class of 2013
The Class of 2013 were delighted to learn that Mount St
Benedict was once again the top Catholic school in the Hills
District, the sixth best performing Catholic girls’ school in
NSW, eighth best performing Catholic school in the State
and the 63rd ranked school overall.
In her address to the Academic Assembly, College Principal,
Mrs Maria Pearson shared her great pride not only for the
outstanding HSC results of the Class of 2013 but also for
the different journeys that led to their success.
Success comes from grappling with the issues, taking risks
and learning from them, struggling to improve and overcoming
personal challenges.
So as we congratulate the girls on their HSC success we
acknowledge also their involvement in diverse activities
throughout the year, they offered service and hospitality
to others, they were mindful of their responsibility as
careful stewards of our shared inheritance, they showed
leadership in their various roles and they contributed
through their acts of kindness and courtesy to making
our school a place of peace and harmony.
Mount St Benedict Class of 2013 returned to celebrate their success
at the Academic Assembly in February. Teachers and fellow students
warmly welcomed them back to recognise and honour their achievements.
Top Catholic school
in the Hills District
Sixth best performing
Catholic girls’ school
in NSW
Eighth best performing
Catholic school in NSW
63rd ranked school
overall in NSW
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