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Bennies Buzz
May 2014
Venette Lowe – Class of 1987
I remember very fondly my days at “Bennies” in the eighties. I have
a photo taken in front of the convent on my first day of high school
wearing a little light blue hat and short red gloves. I also remember
the walk with my classmates across the oval from the school to the
convent for art classes in the basement. The Principal was Sister
Helen and the Vice Principal, Sister Lorraine. I was always fascinated
with the old convent and have often dreamt about it in the years since
leaving the school. I only saw the Chapel once when I was at school
and was amazed that a place so beautiful could be hidden away
largely undiscovered. Therefore I was absolutely thrilled when
I realised that we could get married there all these years later,
My husband, Anthony Forsyth went to school at Marist Brothers
Parramatta. As you can gather from the kilt he is of proud Scottish
heritage. We were married by Deacon Peter McCulloch from St
Agatha’s on 19 October 2013. We had the bagpipes before the service
as guests arrived and had an organist on that lovely old organ and
soloist throughout the service. Sister Elizabeth was one of the loveliest
people I have ever met and actually rang the old bell for us at the
completion of the service which was another lovely touch. Many of the
guests said that it was the loveliest wedding they had attended which
of course was a lovely compliment.
Marcela Ordonez – Class of 2002
In 2012 I was lucky enough to be supported through my
teaching practicum by the wonderful community at MSB. Sonia,
Nicola and Anita all guided me with infinity of encouragement
in the Visual Arts department. I went on to graduate as
Valedictorian of the Class of 2012 from The Australian Catholic
University and am now teaching at Carlingford High (just down
the road). I wish to extend my many thanks to Bennies for
education spanning 20 years, and a especially warm thank you
to Anita Howard and Sonia Barnett who were there for me in
Year 12, and again 10 years later. Though I am extremely proud
to be working in education, I must admit, it does not compare to
the happiness, and fulfilment that my wonderful family brings
to me, to whom I am also infinitely grateful for – especially my
beautiful almost 7 year old Chelsy-Lee.
Ex-Students In Sport
Olivia Doyle – Class of 2012
Olivia was named in the NSW U19 Netball team.
Georgia Casey – Class of 2010
Georgia has just been named in the Australian Women’s
Softball Team (Aussie Spirit) that will compete in the
World Championships in the Netherlands in August.
Jana Pittman – Class of 2000
First Australian female Olympian to compete
in a summer and winter Games.
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