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May 2014
Bennies Buzz
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In February Elizabeth Liepa (Class of
2013) received a NSW Blues Award
for her achievements in Softball
Umpiring. Liz has, for the past two
years, officiated at the NSW CCC, NSW
All Schools and School Sport Australia
Level. Liz is a delightful young woman
and it is wonderful to see students
giving back to their sports and to have
her talent recognised.
Front Row: Carla Takchi (Y11), Maddy Bergfield
(Y12 2013), Becky Clark (Y12 2013), Genevieve
Cowie (Y12 2013) Back Row: Lily Vidler (Y12 2013),
Karina Takchi (Y12 2013), Elly Gallagher (Y9),
Emily Michell (Y12)
Australian Schools Knockout Championships
Eight of the College’s most talented athletes were in action over the Christmas
holidays at the Australian Schools Knockout Championships in Townsville. This is
the third consecutive year that our girls have progressed to compete in the National
Championships. The girls finished as the best senior athletics team in NSW and the
National Bronze Medallists (front cover photo).
Australian All Schools
Athletic Championships
Our students also brought home
individual medals from the
Australian All Schools Athletics
Championships. The College had an
amazing five students in the NSW
All Schools Team – Karina Takchi
(Y12 2013), Becky Clark (Y12 2013),
Maddy Bergfield (Y12 2013), Carla
Takchi (Y11) and Katie Devitt (Y8).
Karina (U18s) and Katie (U14s) now
have National All Schools Gold
medals as they were members of
the victorious NSW 4 x 100m teams.
Gold Medallists – Brooke Mindham,
Georgia Quick and Elly Gallagher
Friday 7 March was a great day with Mount St Benedict
students creating history winning our first ever NSW All
Schools Triathlon Medals. Our intermediate “Super Team”,
comprised of Brooke Mindham (Y10 Swim), Georgia Quick (Y10
Cycle) and Elly Gallgher (Y9 Run) brought home NSW CCC gold
whilst our Senior Y12s Ellen Schiffler (Swim), Annabelle Doheny
(Cycle) and Natalie Tobin (Run) gave it everything in their final
year to return with NSW CCC Silver. With 96 MSB triathletes in
attendance it was a memorable day at Penrith.
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