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There are now seven streams in each of Years 7 to 10 and
these increased numbers of students should flow on into
Years 11 and 12 over the next two years. We have been
blessed in recent years to be able to develop and grow.
The College Board is in the process of developing a
new Master Plan with a view to ongoing upgrade and
improvement of facilities.
What a thrill it was for us all to return to school to a newly
renovated Hall Courtyard. The café style umbrellas, the
green surrounds, including the walls of some of the buildings
covered in plants, and the new tiered seating, complete the
Hall precinct and give our students a much more pleasant
environment during their breaks. I am so grateful to the
Board and the Parents and Friends Association (P&F), all
of whom have contributed to this project. With the expanded
deck at the back of the Hall also now in full operation, our
girls are enjoying the beautiful bushland environs.
Term One is always very busy as we welcome new students,
staff and families to our community. Our Welcome Barbecue
so generously hosted by the P&F and Open Day have both been
great successes, taking full advantage of our new facilities.
Our Opening Mass was a highlight of the beginning of the
year, focussing on the meaning of Pax in our lives. We have
all begun to reflect on what it means for each of us to “Add
our Peace to the Bennies Puzzle”, our Year 12 theme for
2014. Students and staff were involved in ceremonies for
Ash Wednesday, with students taking the lead within their
Homerooms in running the liturgies, and throughout Lent we
will continue to focus on the work of Caritas.
Years 7, 8 and 9 participate in Camps in Term One while
Year 10 students enjoy their first overnight Retreat. These
activities form part of the total curriculum of the College.
Camps provide opportunities for students to build social
skills, develop enhanced resilience and to challenge
themselves in various ways. The Retreat program offers
the girls time to reflect on their lives away from the busy
routines of normal school days, and to consider their
responses to the deeper questions of life, with a particular
emphasis on spiritual development.
We have received the very sad news of the death of
Sr Helen Foley who was Principal of the College from
1982 – 1986. Sr Helen has continued to be involved in
Good Samaritan Education and will be sadly missed by
the Sisters and the broader Good Samaritan network
of schools. We keep Sr Helen, her family and the Good
Samaritan Sisters in our prayers at this sad time.
I hope you enjoy reading about the many and varied
activities of the College. It is wonderful to hear of the
achievements of our students and ex-students, who
seem to excel in such a wide range of pursuits.
Maria Pearson
Enrolments at Mount St Benedict have reached
980 this year as the College continues to expand.
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