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Bennies Buzz
May 2014
Rob Barrett
Mr Rob Barrett started at MSB
in 1997 as the HSIE Head of
Department. After 17 years, Mr
Barrett has decided to retire to a
lovely beachside suburb to work
on his surfing skills. The College
will definitely miss his presence
and his absolute commitment
to the students. Mr Barrett was the consummate
professional throughout his entire career and
has impacted on the lives of many. It is said that
“students take out of a classroom what a teacher
brings in”. Mr Barrett brought compassion,
knowledge, motivation, a sense of peace and
a caring heart – qualities that endeared him to
the students under his care year after year. It
is often said that a person who leaves can never
be replaced – and this is definitely the case
with Mr Barrett. We sincerely wish him all the
very best for a wonderful and well-deserved
retirement, and also offer him our heart-felt
thanks – for everything!
Farewell to:
Mrs Dianne Davis
2013 saw the end of the long and distinguished
career of Di; a talented, creative and
professional teacher, who has served the
College with passion, faith and integrity since
1975. Di has specialised in teaching Geography
and Asian Studies where she instilled in her
students a love of and an appreciation for
the environment. Many excursions, both day
and overnight, were organised and led by Di, always resulting
in a fun filled and eventful educational experience. Her expert
contributions to the HSIE faculty have been welcomed and
appreciated with many ideas implemented in order to improve
overall teaching outcomes. She also spent many years as the
Year 8 Coordinator and guided students with her kind, resourceful
and generous nature. Di’s expertise in the teaching profession
has been very much appreciated by both staff and students. She
consistently made insightful contributions to the ever changing
College environment and creatively addressed the individual
needs of her students. The strong connections she developed
with the College have been maintained over the years, with Di
still in regular contact with many past staff and students. Di will
be greatly missed by the entire College community as it gives
her a huge thank you and bids a very fond farewell to everybody’s
“favourite teacher”.
Rob and Dianne at Staff Christmas party
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