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Bennies Buzz
May 2014
Year 10 student, Monique Harris has been chosen as a Youth
Member of Parliament in the YMCA NSW Youth Parliament.
The prestigious state program brings together 150 of our
state’s future leaders aged 15-18 years. Monique will take
part in two training camps in April and July and as part of
the Environment and Heritage Committee will have the
opportunity to draft a bill in this area. In July, Monique and
her fellow Youth Members of Parliament will take over the
Parliament of NSW, to present, debate, and vote on the
pieces of legislation that they have developed.
Congratulations to Mount St Benedict students who
had success in the recent CSDA public speaking
competition. Six students made it through to the
CSDA zone finals – Rebecca Koelmeyer (Year 11),
Diana Kazakov (Year 9), Khristiana Dadula (Year
8), Hannah Neylan (Year 8), Rose Leavey (Year 7)
and Chloe Withford (Year 7).   
The following week, Diana, Hannah and
Rose participated in the Grand Final, an
impressive achievement considering only ten
finalists from each year are selected from
schools all over Sydney. The girls delivered
clever, convincing and very entertaining speeches
on the night. All girls reported that the
competition was a great experience.
The last word goes to Year 9 finalist, Diana, who
said “Public speaking isn’t just getting up and
saying a speech – there is so much more you get
out of it. When I actually looked back and noticed
all those little improvements I realised it was
public speaking I had to thank.”
Congratulations to Year 10 Drama students Isabella Duncan
and Georgia Gebrael, who have been accepted to be part of
the Griffin Ambassador Program at the Griffin Theatre. As an
Ambassador they will attend free performances of each Griffin
Main Season production, followed by a post-show forum with
cast and crew; meet other Ambassadors who share a passion
for theatre; and attend two workshops led by Griffin staff and
affiliates, and industry professionals. The girls are looking
forward to the opportunity and sharing their experiences with
their fellow Drama students.
Monique chosen as Youth
Member of Parliament
Success in speaking up
Year 10 Drama students appointed
Griffin Theatre Ambassadors
Warming up before the CSDA
zone finals. From left: Rebecca
Koelmeyer, Diana Kazakov, Rose
Leavey, Chloe Withford, Khristiana
Dadula, Hannah Neylan.
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