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May 2014
Bennies Buzz
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German Trip
The December 2013 trip marked the
10th year of the German exchange
partnership between Mount St Benedict
College and Elly-Heuss-Knapp
Gymnasium in Stuttgart.
Twenty students travelled to Stuttgart for
the second part of their exchange. There
they stayed with their German partners
who they had hosted earlier
in the year.
“The opportunity of hosting someone
from a different culture and then living
with a family in Germany has been a
rewarding, at times challenging, but
most definitely a valuable experience for
all of our students who have taken part
in the exchange programme,” says Mrs
Belinda Jack, Head of Languages.
Student Reflection
In total, we had two weeks at school with
our partners putting our German speaking
and listening skills to the test, attending
classes with our partners and taking part
in special projects with English classes
from Years 5 –12. We spent the other
days doing excursions as a group with
our teachers and exploring the wonderful
sites and culture of Germany.
To celebrate our final time with all of the
Australian and German students, there
was a Christmas party which our host
families and teachers also attended.
On the weekends and in the two weeks
of holidays some of us were fortunate
to accompany our host families on trips
to places including France, Switzerland,
In early March girls in Years 7-12
hosted 23 Japanese students for
four days from our Japanese sister
Good Samaritan school, Seiwa. The
Japanese girls experienced a day in
school, enjoyed learning to play cricket
and taught origami to the Mount St
Benedict girls.
The Japanese students were accompanied
by Seiwa Principal, Mrs
Mashimo and sports
teacher, Ms Kawamoto.
The girls from Seiwa are particularly
renowned for their beautiful singing
and the College was fortunate to have
the opportunity to hear the Japanese
students sing.
These annual visits have strengthened the
connection between the two schools and
Mount St Benedict students have greatly
enjoyed the experience of hosting, gaining
the opportunity to practise their language
skills, and in return giving the Japanese
girls a taste of our Australian lifestyle.
Tenth anniversary of German exchange partnership
Visit from Japanese Good Samaritan School, Seiwa
Austria and many other parts of Germany.
Many of us were lucky to see snow in the
holidays and some of us even took to the
slopes in Austria and tried skiing.
The German Exchange was an amazing,
worthwhile and special experience,
improving our language skills, creating
a deeper understanding of the German
culture and making lifelong friendships.
- Emily-Kate Pfeiffer Year 11
Student Reflection
I was given the opportunity to open up
my home to a year nine student from
Seiwa Junior High school, her name was
Yuuna. Although Yuuna did not speak
much English we surprisingly had a lot
in common. We had some wonderful
experiences over the weekend such as
shopping in the city and a trip to the Blue
Mountains and having fun going up and
down the scenic railway. I was able to
learn a lot from Yuuna about culture in
Japan and I hope she learnt a lot about
culture in Australia. When the weekend
came to an end, both Yuuna and I were
very sad to see each other go but we
exchanged contact details and promised
to keep in touch. This was probably one
of the most rewarding experiences I have
ever encountered.
- Isabella Steen Year 9
Bennies students learning
the art of origami.
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