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May 2014
Bennies Buzz
| 13
The Paper Bag Game
The College community gathered to hear a guest presentation
from Caritas Australia before taking part in a guided
simulation called
The Paper Bag Game
. This activity gave
everyone a small insight into the struggles which face many
people in the world to sustain them and their families in
appalling conditions for the most meagre of wages.
Photo Walk
At the end of the busy week students
were able to reflect on the key events and
themes of the week via a photo walk.
Over 50 students from Years
10-12 and a group of staff
took part in an overnight
sleep-out, highlighting the
issue of homelessness.
Chalk Mural
Creative students designed
a chalk mural reflecting the
Caritas theme and linked
it the Year of Pax. Students
and staff also added their
written pledge of something
they were committed to
working towards during
Lent this year.
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